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Magic Rugs Blog

Determine Oriental Rugs Value

Affordable handmade rugs are a valuable item that everyone is considering to fit into their home decor budget. These amazing hand-knotted creations come from a long way from the Middle East and the artisan to your very own living room.


Protect Oriental Rugs From Sun-Fading

Oriental area rugs are breathtaking pieces of art, there is only one design for each one of them, and some of them are so antique and valuable that the price can go up to 6 figures depending on how well preserved they are.


What Is An "Indo" Or "Pak" Rug?

When a rug dealer labels a rug with "Indo" or "Pak" he or she is informing you of two things. First, the dealer is letting you know that the rug has not been made in the same location as the rest of its name implies.


What type of rug is best for the entryway

it's where you spend many hours of your day. This deciding factor, coupled with the importance of the entryway to design, is why choosing the right rug for it could be a tricky task. That is why I have compiled this list of the best entryway rugs, so you can choose wisely and create a beautiful place to enter your home.


101 Guide - the right rug for your bathroom

Bathroom Rugs are a useful and practical addition to any bathroom. They provide comfort, warmth, and protection from slippery floors. Bathroom Rugs come in an endless array of styles, colors, sizes, and even materials. There is also a wide variety of interesting facts to learn about bathroom rugs that can be found across the internet.


Why Oriental Area Rugs Have Abrash?

Abrash enhances the beauty of handmade Oriental area rugs and is highly desirable. It is visible only in wool dyed with natural dyes and is handspun. Real abrash is difficult to find nowadays because different artificial methods are used to produce it.


Best Size Rugs for Living Room

This blog post has compiled a list of some tips and tricks on how to find your next living room rug! We have also gathered some ideas on how to make sure it coordinates with the other colors in your room, so take a look if that's something you're interested in reading about!


How Big Should My Foyer Rug Be?

Introducing beautiful rugs in the foyer can do the trick as they not only protect the house from dust, dirt, and scratches but improve the house's design and provide it with a definite aesthetic


Things you should know about persian rugs

If you wonder, "What are Persian rugs?" Let us tell you, among all the Rugs, Persian Rugs are actually Gold! The Hand-knotted Persian rugs are specially imported from Iran, and these good-quality Persian rugs are most difficult to find. You can easily spot Industrially made rugs, but they just cannot match the finishing and beauty of these hand-knotted Persian rugs.