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101 Rug Guide > What are Jute Rugs?

It is no secret that jute rugs   are chosen by many to be the centerpiece of their rooms and even houses. their natural, rustic beauty attracts every homeowner and interior designer to include it in the design plan of their dream homes. That is why it would be more than usual if you are interested in adding a jute rug to your rooms.   

That is where the Magic Rugs team comes in to help you! We have prepared a 101 on jute rugs for you. We will discuss all the basics of these beautiful rugs and will let you know about some of the trends in decorating with one, so you can make an informed decision and choose the right jute rug for your needs.  

It's a good idea to start with this blog post if you're looking for some advice on how to get started with this trend in your home. Are you ready?   


101 Rug Guide > What are Jute Rugs?  


If you are looking for a new style for your home, you might have seen or heard that jute rugs are having a resurgence. More and more interior design schemes are including jute rugs; you will see many jute rugs showcased in beautifully decorated homes, and it is no mystery why: the exotic look and organic feel they can add to any room is incomparable.   

But before continuing on the many benefits a jute rug can add to your interior design, to start with today’s post, let’s find out with a little more detail what exactly is a jute rug.  


What is a jute rug?   

Jute is a long, coarse, tough bast fiber that can be spun into coarse, strong threads. It is one of the oldest vegetable fibers and is second only to cotton in worldwide use. The fibers are yellowish-white to brownish-black with a rough texture and an earthy smell.  

Rugs made with this material use the plant’s fibers to create an astonishingly gorgeous rug that has a look and texture similar to sisal. However, jute is more often used for its durability, so it's common for these rugs to have thick, tightly woven strands.  

What's great about jute rugs is that they're constructed using natural fiber and are usually chemical-free. They're also hypoallergenic and dust-mite-resistant.  


Are Jute rugs a good option for my home?  

Jute rugs are a natural option when seeking an alternative to synthetic fibers. Their manufacturing process is eco-friendly, for they are hand-made and there is no use of toxic chemicals to produce them. Furthermore and their fibers can be recycled. Many homeowners prefer these rugs for their eco-friendliness.  

In addition to this, these natural jute rugs are durable, easy to care for, and can last for a long time – as long as you treat them properly. The endurability of these rugs is one of their most appealing attractions in the home decor world.  

Jute rugs are also very affordable, coming at prices below $100 for basic models. In fact, jute rugs work well as an alternative to other more traditional materials like wool or cotton.   


Are jute rugs modern or rather old-fashioned?   

Jute rugs are sometimes considered old-fashioned or rustic, but many designers love them for their natural charm and sustainable nature.  

They are also rugs with a lot of style and personality, making it perfect for today’s modern living spaces.   

They also offer something different from all of the traditional styles out there like shag pile or modern geometric design. For these reasons and more, it’s not hard to see why jute is becoming one of the most popular choices in modern interior design.       

How to choose a good jute rug?   

As happens with all kinds of rugs, the purchase of your new jute rug must have a strong link with several aspects of your home interior. You must consider elements like the size and shape of the rug, its color, and yes, its style. It's important that you take these things into consideration before making a purchase.       


Regarding the dimensions of the rug, you must consider first what space you count within the room you have planned for it. If the room is spacious enough, you could venture for a large jute rug, a 8x10   or even 9x12   can work perfectly in large living rooms   or dining rooms .  

However, for smaller rooms, a 6x9   jute rug is a great addition in front of the central couch in the long room, or under the bed in bedrooms .   5x8   jute rugs are also a great option for small-sized spaces.   

In the same dimension department, you can find both square   jute rugs and rectangular jute rugs. What may come as a surprise is that round   jute rugs are what is trending. Any lounge is turned into a natural, tropical paradise-like Eden with a jute round rug in the middle.        


Regarding colors, you may be surprised by the many options you can choose from in the jute rug department. While it is true that the fibers have their own natural yellow-is colors, natural dyes have made it possible for these rugs to create colored jute rugs, so they can be displayed in many different colors.  

From dark black   jute rugs, brown   jute rugs, or even black and white jute rugs, to merrier colors painted over the jute, green rugs ,  teal jute rugs, or even a beautiful combination of blue   and jute rugs.   


Is jute a good rug material?  

Made from a plant that can grow up to 5 meters high, jute is surprisingly durable. Jute fibers are also strong and long which means they can be used for just about any type of rug design. When properly cared for it lasts very well!  

If you want your new jute rug to last as long as possible you should avoid vacuums and use a hand brush only occasionally instead. Be careful not to rub the fibers too hard when cleaning because they could separate and the pile could flatten out over time.  

Jute rugs in the home   

There are many places in the house where a jute rug would work perfectly. To start, you can place them on the bathroom floor. A jute bath rug is a perfect addition to a bathroom in which white is the predominant color. The beige-brownish contrast brings the rooms alive and makes them more welcoming.   

You could also add them in your living room or the dining room, where they will provide a textural contrast to your hardwood floors and help you utilize space better. A jute rug in the dining room is a great decision, for the resistant material can endure the weight of the table and chairs over it.  

Jute rugs are also good for the outdoors. The resistant material of a jute outdoor rug makes it perfect for outdoor living. Their earthy color, which turns gold under the sun, and their tough material make them perfect for outdoor spaces.  

Where to buy jute rugs?  

Jute rugs can be to find in many different kinds of stores. However, it may be a little scary to purchase decor items online, because not all sites may be as trustworthy as they may seem.  

However, there is one place that is absolutely reliable, and, on top of that, it offers a great and wide catalog of the most beautiful jute rugs in all colors, patterns, sizes, and shapes, and it has free shipping worldwide. Browse for your dream rug in Magic Rugs , where we work hard to help you accomplish your interior design goals.  



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