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Why style with a cowhide rug?

It gives your room that unique look and a touch of sophistication when put next to other furnishings, and will ensure that you have a lovely home decor element that will last you many years.

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what are transitional rugs?

The category of “transitional rugs” among the catalogs may seem enigmatic, for we might not understand how might a rug involve a transition. Transitional rugs are pieces of decor that hold elements both from traditional and modern styles.

Tags: oriental rug

What are the Best oriental rugs?

Rugs are an integral part of our decoration that can make our home more beautiful. In this context, we try to examine different types of oriental rugs for you and tell you what features these rugs have. In general, in today's world, rugs are good for our health in addition to the beauty they can have for us.


Rugs for farmhouse style

Finding decor items that will perfectly match your home’s particular style might be a hard task to endeavor, and this might be because we are not completely aware of the stylistic dimension in our decor choices around the house, and might only make every new addition based on gut and not take the ideal time to ponder whether it is made to fit with the style of the room or not.

Tags: oriental rug

What is an Overdyed Rug?

Overdyed rugs are beautiful, home decor implements. They have proved themselves to be a great companion for those quiet-looking, minimalistic rooms. With their oriental mystery and bold colors, they have proved to be the perfect modern rug to ornament a contemporary room style.


Most Common Rug's Shapes, Styles, and Length of Its Hair?

In this post, we’ll be talking about the most common rugs you can find in the market, what are the shapes, sizes, designs, and styles that you are sure to find when you go browsing for a rug yourself, also, we will discuss what are the types of rugs most likely to work for your rooms.


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