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Transform your living area with Grey and Silver Rug

Every home needs a cozy retreat where you can relax and escape from the everyday world. For some, that area may be their bedroom, and for others, it is their living room.  

The options for decorating this sacred area are more than plentiful thanks to the large number of fabrics available today and the wide variety of styles in which they come in. But even if you're not quite sure how to go about decorating your living room, there are still plenty of options for making this space seem more sophisticated and elegant without breaking the bank.  

In this article, we will discuss what we think is a great option to decorate and embellish your spaces: grey and silver rugs, which can turn rooms like the living room or the bedroom into real palaces for you and your family to enjoy.  

You may be skeptical about the true benefits of grey rugs, but keep on reading to find out why this is the perfect color for your floor rugs.  

Decor Ideas - Transform your living area with Grey and Silver Rug      

One great way to complement your room and make it look like a catalog page is to add a rug. This decor item not only embellishes and cozies up any room; it also works as a sound-absorbent, floor-protecting barrier. Rugs are the right choice in decor decisions.  


An excellent decor item to add to any room could be a silver rug, the living room can turn into a five-star hotel with the right type of grey or black grey rug.  

Grey rugs  

In terms of styles, patterns, and colors, the options are infinite, so it can get to be a bit overwhelming to decide which one to choose. To help you avoid this overwhelming sensation and help you make an informed decision for your home interior decor, today we will discuss grey and silver rugs, which are an emerging tendency in the decor world.  

You may wonder “why are silver rugs or rugs with grey so popular?” And the answer is fairly easy: Nowadays, the color grey is perceived as the image of neutrality, balance, modesty, calmness, and minimalism, but also nature and positivity, which are the main pillars of beautiful home decoration. Grey is in vogue!  

Living room area rugs?     

You may be considering having a grey rug over at home, but you must know that the preferred places to have these beautiful rugs are the bedroom and the living room. When deciding on area rugs for your living room, grey is a great color to consider. living room area rugs in silver may just be what your room is missing.  

Be it in front of the couch, under it, in the middle, under the coffee table, or simply laying around in the living room area, a silver rug in the living room can bring that element of richness to the aesthetic final result in your home.  


How to make silver and grey work in my bedroom or living room?  

Silver is a popular choice for decorating, as it denotes elegance and sophistication. It can also be used in a host of different styles, from traditional to modern, from classic to eclectic. You can easily match silver with almost any other color to accentuate or balance it out. Paired with other metals, it will give your home a unique look. Dark grey rugs go perfectly with silver or metallic furniture, while a metallic silver rug could go better with matte dark colors, such as blue or even black.  

Gray and white are also a great combination. When you have a lot of dark furniture in your home and need a subtle background for decorative elements, choose a white silver rug, or a light silver rug, which are bright and thus serve as the perfect contrast against the dark pieces.                                      

What is a good color rug for a living room?       

The rule of thumb is to focus on the features you are interested in, then figure out the colors you would like to have from there. Choose a rug that can be matched to your furniture; for example, if your furniture or walls are rather dark, and your room does not get a lot of natural light, you could opt for a grey and beige rug. However, if your room is rather illuminated and the predominant colors are bright and creamy, a dark grey and blue living room rug may just be the perfect option.  

Choosing rugs for your living room is similar to choosing paint colors for your walls. You are trying to create a perfect balance between each piece of furniture and all the accessories. Don't forget about the other rooms in the house! Choose rugs that will coordinate well with adjoining rooms so that everything flows together nicely.              

What rug color makes a room look bigger?      


That's right, grey! Grey also gives the illusion of a larger space by stretching out any shadows that may be present. When designing a living room, use a clean and neutral color like greys or taupes which can easily go with anything. These colors are perfect for larger areas such as living rooms and bedrooms since they create an open feeling that allows the light to flow freely through the space.  

Then there is silver! Silver has been said to create an energetic effect in any area it is placed in and even wards off negative energy in some cases. Pairing it with other similar colors can make you feel invigorated during your day-to-day activities and busy days at work or school. You can easily change the atmosphere of a space or room with grey and silver. With these two colors, you can't go wrong!                                          

Should a rug be lighter or darker than a couch?  

Your living room rug can be lighter or darker than your couch depending on your personal preferences. However, there is a tendency to seek contrast; therefore, Light-colored rugs are best for dark furniture, but dark colors work well for light-colored furniture like a cream-colored couch. This contrast will create the illusion your room is quite bigger.  

In terms of colors, a grey or silver rug can work perfectly with a dark grey couch. Grey is a color that can be mirrored on every surface of the house and still manage to make it look elegant and beautiful. However, some other colors for the furniture around a grey rug are brown, dark green, beige, black, white, and even orange! One good thing about grey is that it is versatile, for many different combinations are possible.  

What rug size should my grey rug be?    


An 8 x 10 grey rug, or larger alternatives, such as a 9x12 silver rug, should work to cover the space in your living room. The larger the area of your rug, the bigger the room will look. You will be astonished by the enlarging powers of silver rugs, which not only will help invigorate you and your family members but enlarge the room and create a whole cozy retreat in your living room.  

Where to get the best grey rugs?  

It may be hard to find a nice and trustworthy site online in which you can find the exact kind of rug you are picturing for your living room, but believe us when we tell you that here at Magic Rugs, we have those grey area rugs for living room, for bedroom, kitchen and much more!  

There is an infinity of styles and patterns you can choose from, high pile shaggy modern rugs to mollify that hyper-connected modern furniture, a square, rectangular, or round grey rug, an oriental modern rug, with its intricate, extremely expressive, and elegant patterns. Anything you may be looking for, you can find in our grey rug division. 


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