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Matching Your Brown Couch with Rugs and Decor


Interior design experts nearly always recommend you build a room around the rug. We also know this is not always possible. If you’ve got a brown couch, you’re probably here to find the perfect area rug and decor inspiration. How do we know? We see many customers in our showroom looking for the perfect rug to enhance a space they’ve already got. So let’s get down to business.

Brown Couch with Rug Ideas

First, let’s mention the color brown.In the world of Persian Rugs, everything has a symbol. Brown is a symbol of productivity and richness. Think: earth and fertile soil.

Next, we look to both neutral and primary colors for ideas.Neutral colors are popular in design trends today. So, you’ll have many rug options with this genre of color. White and beige rugs, and gray rugs all provide subtle contrast to a brown couch.

beige brown farmhouse style couch with white beige gray oriental rug ideas

Farmhouse style beige brown colored couch. Rugs from top left clockwise:

Semi Antique Cream Traditional Tabriz Persian Rug
Distressed Beige Brown Abstract Hand Loomed Modern Rug 
Beige Geometric Modern Transitional Oriental Rug 
Beige Tribal Lori Gabbeh Oriental Rug

Magic Rugs Designers-Choice: Brown Couch Grey Rugs

This is our pick. You’ll find grey rugs that are cool and grey rugs that are warm.  The following combinations will provide balance and an easily achieved calming effect to your space.

Magic Rugs Runner Up Choice: Brown Couch With A Blue Rug

Blue, yellow and red are primary colors that, when mixed together, make a shade of brown. If you’re interested in the science of color, check out a color wheel analysis, like this one by Michele Clamp. Michele helps us look at brown in a whole new way: “Brown is a dark orange!”

Color wheel image showing the creation of brown from orange

When we look at brown on the color wheel, we can draw a line across the circle and find its complement. In the case of the color orange (think: brown is a dark orange), we actually find… BLUE.

Brown couch: What color rug? Blue.

A blue Persian rug generally symbolizes power and peace. Often the color blue is associated with symbols of hope, such as the tree of life. Put it together with a brown couch and your living room is transformed into a meaningful composition of symbols: earth, fertility, peace & hope.

chocolate dark brown contemporary modern style couch with blue oriental rug ideas

Chocolate Dark Brown Contemporary & Modern Couch. Rugs from top left clockwise:

  1. Muted Slate Blue Floral Transitional Oriental Rug
  2. Light Blue Floral Heriz Serapi Oriental Rug
  3. Dark Teal Abstract Oriental Modern Rug
  4. Navy Floral Oriental Style Machine Made Rug

Brown Couch Living Room Ideas

Our designers are huge fans of the big and bold colors you find in oriental rugs. Whether you center your room around a yellow tribal rug, or you use red and orange pops of color in decor items, these combinations are worthy of consideration. We find it’s also easier to make a statement with these colors and avoid seeming trendy. Below are rug examples, but be sure to tie it together with wall hangings, vases, throw pillows or a stand out favorite armchair.

brown leather traditional style couch with red green yellow and orange oriental rug ideas

Brown leather traditional style couch. Rugs from top left clockwise:

  1. Gold Tribal Nepali Rug 
  2. Vintage Tribal Red Nahavand Persian Rug 
  3. Light Green Tribal Floral Kazak Peshawar Oriental Rug 
  4. Vintage Floral Orange & Red Bidjar Persian Rug 

Brown Couch: But What Color Coffee Table?

Often customers ask about coffee tables and brown couches. Here, we recommend focusing on the shape and size of the table, rather than the color.

An ill-proportioned coffee table or a table shape that doesn’t quite fit with the contours of your sectional, will be forever irritating. Once you find the shape and size, focus again on the area rug underneath.

Neutral coffee table colors such as any shade of brown, black or white, will all work well. If your coffee table turns out to be a statement piece in itself, make sure it complements the area rug. Think of your carpet as the showcase for your coffee table in this situation. Also check out this quick guide on rug sizing for rugs underneath a coffee table.

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Would you like suggestions, or a curated selection of rugs to shop? Give us a call or send us an email. Let us know what you’re thinking and we’ll point you in the right direction.

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