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Area rugs that go with a dark brown couch

Area rugs that go with a dark brown couch

Interior design experts recommend building your rooms from the rug on; that is to say, your rug should be the first piece of furniture and from it, the rest of the pieces should match it. 

However, this might not always be possible, and you might need to add area rugs once all the room furniture has been purchased and placed. But do not despair, for there are some solutions to this situation, and many ways to find the perfect match for your furniture.

If you are looking for area rugs for the living room, and you would like to know more about matching new pieces with the furniture you already have, this is the perfect post for you. 

We are going to explore the specific situation of looking for an area rug to go with a dark brown couch, and you will surely learn some useful tips about color, size, quality, and how to decide on a piece that will complement both the couch and the whole room, as well as fulfill your aesthetic and economic expectations. 



If your living room furniture has already been decided and configured, and you are looking for new area rugs for the living room to add and match it, but are having some trouble finding the right combination of colors, shapes, sizes, and styles to match it, allow us to tell you that the solution is still out there, If you have strong furniture pieces, such as a dark brown couch, you may feel overwhelmed by the task ahead of you. 

AsPeyton Robinson asserted for DECORAID, "The right rug has the power to make a house feel like a home.(...). But when it comes to choosing a rug to go with the furniture you already own, you can sometimes feel limited." 

This is a reality because you may think not all spaces, sizes, colors, and styles are to match a dark brown couch, but you would be surprised to know that you just have to keep some elements into account, and you are sure to find the rug of your dreams to match that dark brown couch. 

Furniture matching is a really common problem. However, there is plenty of information about rugs for dark brown couches. After thorough research on the advice of experts, we have compiled some advice on colors and dimensions preferences. 


Don’t despair, help is here

Instead of just a strict matter of picking a color, you should concentrate on the big picture; which is the patterns, the shapes, the complements that feel right within the room. Choosing your rug is very important; asKimberly Crawford said for Farm Food Family,"One of the most important accent pieces for a brown couch would be the rug where it sits atop."

That may be the reason why there is always a slight hesitation that people who own dark brown sofas tend to feel when looking for area rugs. However, there is no reason why you should be so hesitant, there are many different types of rugs that can go great with dark brown furniture. 


Regarding color  

When matching a dark brown couch, neutral tones are preferred, as they can add visual interest and variety to any living space. A neutral rug in shades of beige and white would work well with a dark brown couch. A lighter-colored rug in cream or ivory would compliment a tan sofa or armchair nicely. You can aim to keep the area rug light enough to not make your furniture look gloomy or shadowy.

However, Darker colors like charcoal grey, navy blue, dark green, or even black would also work amazingly, as they will divide a whole space in the living room and allow you to create a whole atmosphere of relaxation in around your couch. This is also a great way to bring out the color in your sofa's upholstery and create a classic look that fits in well with so many different styles.

As you can see, there are many different ways to master this problem.


Regarding size   

Rug size is another factor to take into consideration when decorating rugs and furniture. In general, the rug should be 2 feet longer than the sofa.

According to Flanagan from WoodHavenWhen selecting an area rug, make sure that it extends under all the key pieces of furniture in the room. In a living room, for instance, all the furniture should be on top of the rug.”This means your rug should be big enough to hold all the room’s furniture inside, so as to not disjoint the room.

Large area rugs will stand out against a dark sofa with carved legs or heavy wood trim. It will also help to anchor a sofa placed on an especially large hardwood floor.

If you have a small apartment, it is best to use a small-scale area rug to keep your room looking tidy and balanced. For example, 8x10 area rugs would look too big in a 400-square-foot space. In this case, a 5 x 7 area rug could do the work. 

However, for larger rooms and especially big couches a larger rug, such as 9x12 area rugs, are a great option for covering the floor underneath it and allowing you to display a beautiful living room.


Regarding Shape   

This element is not as important as the rest, for there is only a limited number of shapes to choose from when searching for a rug for your living room. However, all the options can be on the table and your dark brown coach can hold up any kind of shape.

The shape of a living room area rug is preferred to be rectangular. however, a round area rug could also be a great addition to your living room spaces. A monochrome dark round rug in front of your sofa could definitely improve the area and make it more inviting for all guests.


Now it is your turn! 

After having learned all the tendencies regarding color, pattern, ‭size, and style combinations for your brown couch, you may have an idea of what is often preferred and recommended in the world of interior design. However, the last word is always yours, so don’t be afraid of following your own instinct and choosing the rug that you like the most. 

Don’t be afraid of expressing yourself and finding the rug that best represents your personal taste. It is now your turn of being the best designer for your living spaces. Try out new ideas, search for new sensations, and different aesthetics, and you are sure to find the perfect complement for your couch. 


Will you ever find a perfect rug?

The answer is yes! Here at Magic Rugs, you will be able to find the perfect fit for your room, the perfect discount area rugs to go with your dark brown couch. We are very sure of this ‭because we have curated an amazingly varied and complete collection of the most beautiful rugs with the highest quality. 

Remember to always follow your gut and find that desired rug with us. Remember to browse well enough so you can find our area rugs on sale.