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11 Reasons Custom Indian Handmade Rugs Are Better

Oriental handmade rugs are made in various countries of Asia like Iran, Turkey, India, and China among others. But the custom handmade rugs crafted in India are the most preferred due to their intricate designs, high quality of materials used for creating them, and durability.

Here are some reasons which make custom handmade rugs made in India better than the handmade rugs produced in other parts of Asia.


1. Versatile and appealing designs:

Different customers have different needs when it comes to having a rug for decorating their home or business office. Indian weavers are capable of making a unique and attractive rug for every customer whether he is the owner of a private home, restaurant, hotel, or any other kind of business. While some customers may want their rug to feature a traditional design, some may want to have a modern and innovative design in their rug. Irrespective of the kind of design customers want, Indian weavers can effectively fulfill their needs and craft rugs for them as per their specific needs, tastes, specifications, and expectations.

Craftsmen weaving custom handmade Indian rugs can even meet the needs even of those people who are facing difficulty in choosing the right rug for their homes because they have an interior décor of their own that has been particularly designed for them. They can also make a rug for those people whose houses do not have enough space for a regular rug, whose colors in rugs offered by vendors do not match or harmonize with their home’s décor or those who are unable to find the right design pattern in the rugs shown to them by vendors.

Indian handmade rugs are mostly a combination of geometrical and floral patterns and feature both classic and latest colors. They are available in different sizes.  

2. High-quality natural materials

Rugs weaved by Indian craftsmen are made from high-quality natural materials like wool and silk. The rug-making companies in India source these materials nationally as well as from other countries. Some of them procure wool from New Zealand which is consistently strong, smooth, and dyes very well. The silk these companies use is typically from China or India which can vary from subtly lustrous to very shining depending on the quality and finish.

3. Durable

Due to the high-quality natural materials used for creating custom-made Indian rugs, they are durable and long-lasting. These rugs will not get affected by environmental factors. So they will serve users for many years to come and thus provide maximum value for their investment.

4. No defects

Reputed rug-making companies in India employ skilled and experienced weavers for crafting rugs. Also, they maintain stringent quality control at every stage of rug production right from procuring the raw materials, spinning, dyeing, and weaving rugs, to washing, and finishing them. This ensures the final product contains no defects which can be otherwise an eyesore to users, their guests, and visitors.

5. Safe for the environment and children

Established rug-making companies ensure their craftsmen use only environment-friendly natural yarns for creating rugs. The rugs made by them do not contain any harmful dyes, chemicals, or substances. They can be safely used by children and people suffering from allergies.


6. Rich rug-making tradition

There are certain places in India where rug weaving tradition dates back centuries. Bhadohi which is also known as Carpet City has a rug-crafting tradition dating back to the 16th century. It is the largest hand-knotted rug-weaving industry hub in South Asia. Around 3.2 million people are engaged in the handmade rug sector in this city.

The rug-making tradition started around the 16th century when the Mughal dynasty ruled India. Akbar, a Mughal ruler laid the foundation of the rug-weaving tradition in India in 1520 A.D. by bringing some weavers from Persia. With their support, he supported rug weaving centers in Delhi, Agra, and Lahore to facilitate the production of Persian-styled rugs, which were inspired by designs of Kashan, Kirman, Isfahan, and Herat.

The skills of these weavers got passed from one generation of weavers to the other in the due course of time. This is how the craft of rug weaving managed to survive in India right up to this day. With a such pedigree in rug crafting, Indian weavers can be trusted for their ability to make the best and most beautiful handmade rugs.

7. Cost less

Indian rugs cost less due to the availability of cheap labor than the rugs made in other parts of Asia. So customers from western countries as well as those from other parts of the world, are able to save their costs while buying rugs Indian-made rugs. Though these cost less, they do not compromise in terms of the quality of materials and craftsmanship.

8. Soft to touch

As rugs are created from high-quality wool which is quite soft, consequently they are quite soft to the touch. Also, the rugs are warm. So people will love the experience when they step on them.

9. Masking ability

The wool used in making custom-made rugs in India has a superior reflective quality, so it is able to mask dust, soil, and lint while holding them high enough for vacuum.

10. Lustrous

Reputed rug-making companies in India also subject their rugs to special luster washing which gives them extra sheen and shine. Their luster coupled with their intricate design patterns gives a visual treat to users, their guests, and visitors when they look at them.

11. Enhance the look and feel of various properties

Whether custom-made Indian rugs are placed at a home, business office, or any other kind of property, their endearing designs and colorful patterns improve the look and feel of the place. They help to make the properties look welcoming as well as make people feel relaxed when they look at the rugs.

We hope these reasons will inspire you to get designed and create a custom-made Indian rug for decorating your home or office and for improving its beauty and appeal.

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