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5 reasons why you need a rug pad under your Oriental rug

Whether it is a new rug or one you just discovered in your own home, the first thing you need to know is that your Oriental rug   might be in need of a rug pad. Yes, a rug pad can protect your ancient and delicate oriental rug, which will be at the mercy of normal wear and tear; the floor underneath it, and even the lives of your loved ones. 

Up until now, you have learned that rug pads help keep the rug still, and this is certainly the main purpose of this implementation. However, a lot of people overlook the multiple potential uses rug pads can have. There are many benefits that you are still missing, and that is the reason why we have decided to write this article; to show you which are the top 5 reasons to buy a rug pad. If you would like to know how to make a beautiful, zen and safe space with the help of a rug pad, then keep on reading.


5 reasons why you need a rug pad under your Oriental rug

A rug pad for an area rug is a thin pad made of foam that can be placed under an oriental rug, or any rug, to protect the rug from getting torn on rough surfaces and also help the rug keep its position. These pads come in many shapes and materials, you could find, for instance, natural rubber and felt rug pads. There are many alternatives, shapes, sizes, materials, and widths, so it will be easy to find and match your expectations. 

Rug pads can make navigating your way through a living room   or bedroom   easier for you, but are they useful? In most cases, the answer is yes. They give you two main benefits: They're better at keeping your rugs in place, and they help reduce the amount of sound that travels through them. Now that you know how to save yourself some money and create an even more cushioning environment, what are you waiting for?


Why do people use under rug pads?

Contrary to what may be the public belief, rug pads are not just for keeping a Persian rug   fixed to the floor, or for it to feel more cushioned. As the inspiration nourison team said   “Regardless of whether your rug feels thick and cushioned, it still needs a rug pad. Because the pad isn’t for your feet — it’s for your safety, your floors, and your rug!” Rug pads have many other functions; they make your home a safer place, they allow your house to feel calmer, they make cleaning easier, and much more. Here are five great reasons why you should consider purchasing a rug pad: 


Top 5 reasons why to use rug pads.

Keep your floors protected  

By using the pad under your oriental rug, you are protecting not only the rug but also the floor underneath it. Although you might think it doesn’t, the back of a rug is sometimes rough enough to actually cause important damage to your floor, scratching hardwood, laminate, or any other kind of surface. Furthermore, the presence of a strange object, like a rock, underneath the rug can be fatal to your floor. 

That is precisely the kind of damage a rug pad prevents. According to Cheryl Simmons from The Spruce   “A rug pad provides a protective barrier between the area rug and the floor underneath.“ 


Prevent accidents   

Slippery rugs can be a real hazard in your house. Your children and elderly could fall tripping over it. By adding a sticky space between the carpet and floor surface, rug pads add traction and prevent these accidents. 

Rug pads could actually work in many cases, saving your loved one’s lives, even. As AMC an insurance company recommended: “Incidents happened where kids fall from balconies, windows, and open spaces like a terrace. To ensure the safety of your kids and adults, you should install (...) rug pads in balconies, windows, and open places on your premises.”


Reduce noise   

By adding sound absorbers to reduce vibration from footsteps on light carpets or hardwood floors with low pile rugs. Rug pads can be used as noise absorbent or sound deadening   materials as they can dampen sudden noises or footsteps that might scare your pets. They can, therefore, make your home a more peaceful place, avoiding strange or unwelcome noises. 


Improve the longevity of your oriental rug   

By keeping it in place and reducing wear and tear on the back, a rug pad is there to protect your rug from getting damaged when placed on a rough surface like wood floors, tile, granite, and stone. Rug protection is an important factor when it comes to ensuring the long life of your oriental rug. 


Clean your rug more easily   

Finally, when it is time to clean your rug ,  which might of course happen after a while, you will notice that the rug pad has made it easier for you to clean it with your vacuum, for the rug will keep still on the floor as you go over it.


How to install a rug pad? 

The best part about rug pads is that their installation is easy as saying one-two-three and enjoying your new safer, quieter, and lovelier home. Follow these easy steps to install your rug pads for hardwood floors ,  and ensure your family is safe and sound all over your floors:

  1. Measure the base of your rug pad and plan where you want to place it on the floor. Place a piece of tape where your pad will be placed. 
  2. Tape the rug pad in place, with one side at a time, to avoid having it slip or pile. If there are uneven edges, smooth them down with some sandpaper. 
  3. Enroll your rug and put it over one of the side edges of your rug pad. Then, start unrolling the rug onto the pad, and pay attention to possible bunching, try to avoid it.
  4. You are ready now to enjoy your new safe, anti-slip rug! 

The same process goes for a rug pad for the area rug on the carpet; just avoid pulling apart the adhesives of the carpet with the adhesive part of the pad.


Where to find the best rug pads? 

You may find, now that you know about this topic, that there are many sites where you can find rug pads, but, which of these places offer full quality and totally size-customized, extra cushioned, and also eco-friendly rugs? There is just one that comes to mind when all these characteristics meet free shipping and quick delivery: Magic Rugs, not only the home to amazingly beautiful rugs but also the highest quality rug pads you can find .


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