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Choose the right outdoor rug for you

Winter is a season when many people prefer to stay indoors. This is an understandable preference for individuals who do not have heaters in their homes or because it just feels too cold outside. And as it happens with people, rugs should be rolled up and stored. Taking a few precautions can help your carpet out last winter is not mandatory, but appreciated.  

The moment has come; you are looking through your window and watching the beautiful snowy landscape, your patio or deck is covered by a light blanket of snow, but protected… you look down and see the flat outdoor rug   you forgot to roll up all covered in snow. It makes you question, should you consider buying a new rug for spring?   


The answer is: maybe, but not necessarily.  

In today’s blog, we will explore how your outdoor carpets may be designed to endure even the harshest conditions.  

Can outdoor rugs get wet?  

Yes, they can get wet, but that may not be as bad as we think.   

Despite the popular belief that these elements belong in your living room   only, they can actually be used outdoors as well. They are not only useful to create a specific ambiance of color and decoration, but also to protect you from slipping or sliding on snow or ice.  

While this is true, it is still obvious that outdoor mats must be regularly cleaned during the wintertime for them to be useful enough. if there is a good day, you can put them in the sun for a short time, after which they will look just as good as you took them from the store! As far as cleaning goes, simply sprinkle a small amount of water on each part and wipe it clean.  

This brings us to the next question:   


Can I keep outdoor rugs outside?  

An outdoor mat is a type of carpeting. They are the same as indoor ones in the fact they both are multi-purpose pieces of furniture whose function is to provide warmth and comfort. However, outdoor rugs are thick, which makes them ideal for the cold weather and their surface is often waterproof or impervious to moisture, making them good insulators.  

They are usually made from synthetic fibers (made from PVC or polyester) and they are designed to withstand weather conditions that would damage or destroy traditional carpets (they do not fray).  

Therefore, when looking for a patio or deck rug, outdoor rugs are just what the doctor ordered. Make sure you are dealing with a winter outdoor rug or a fall outdoor area rug. Spring outdoor rugs are meant to endure certain climate conditions, but snow and rain require specific strengths.   


What are the finest outdoor rug materials?  

The best outdoor carpets are made of durable materials that can withstand harsh elements. Polypropylene is a popular choice. Wool ,  cotton, and synthetic blends are other top selections for outdoor mats.  

For outdoor rugs, natural material ones are also preferred. A jute rug   is sure to endure high traffic, and several weather conditions, however, snow and rain may be too much of a challenge for this material.   

Winter outdoor rugs are made out of polypropylene and polysilicon. Synthetic materials are designed to be water-resistant. With these materials, snow won’t have a chance: the fibers won’t get loosened and they won’t get worn out by dampness.  


Some considerations external to endurance   

There are a few things to consider when selecting an outdoor carpet. Of course, endurance to foot traffic and weather conditions is important, but other elements regarding the mat, including size, color, pattern, and style preference are as well important.   


What size should a rug be for an outdoor dining table?  

The size of your carpet should be determined by the amount of space you want to cover. If you plan on covering the deck, patio, or balcony, you'll need a bigger one.  

An 8x10 patio rug   works perfectly when your outdoor spaces include an outdoor sitting area. It helps divide spaces gracefully. For smaller spaces, an outdoor rug of 6x9   can do the job under this common area furniture.   

A 5x12 outdoor rug (a rather long rug) could look beautiful on the porch, just in front of the door. The runner-like look of these decor items makes them beautiful red carpets to walk on when getting home. A 5x8 outdoor rug   provides a more rectangular view and works in the same way as 8x10 rugs, for small spaces. The case is the same for smaller rectangular versions, such as outdoor rugs of 4x6   or outdoor rugs of 3x4.  

For instance, a 4x6 outdoor rug is a good size for seats and small tables on the patio, for it is large enough to provide comfort on the surface and be easily cleaned, without covering your deck, patio, or balcony entirely.  

They're also ideal for covering large areas inside the house. They're soft to the touch, making them easy to clean, and they're fluffy enough to cushion if you spill something.  

For wintertime, smaller options, such as a 2x3   outdoor rug can ensure high endurance qualities.   


Is color important?   

Yes, it is, indeed.   

Color is important in two ways: the first has to do with your taste; outdoor carpets are the first element we see even before entering a house, and this is why it is very important to have one that fits your personal liking and expectations. The second has to do with the fact some colors tend to hide better wear and tear.  

There are many colors you can choose from. White outdoor rugs and their variants, namely beige   and white outdoor rugs, or white and grey     outdoor rugs are immensely beautiful and classy, they can as well blend in with snow falling over them. However, light colors are the first to show signs of wear and tear.   

Bold and bright-colored rugs, such as green   outdoor rugs, green and grey outdoor rugs, yellow   and grey outdoor rugs, or blue   outdoor rugs do not blend well with snowy landscapes and may do a good job hiding the wear and tear, but these are not the best options.   

If you're in the market for an outdoor rug, there are a few things to consider. Firstly, think about the size and shape you need. Popular sizes for outdoor rugs include 4x8 and 6x10, as well as the 5x7 outdoor rug. Additionally, indoor outdoor rugs are versatile options that can be used both inside and outside the home. 

An outdoor rug in black ,   dark brown ,  navy blue, or any other dark color is perfect for outdoor weather conditions, not only because it will look beautiful and elegant on your porch or outdoor sitting room, but because its dark colors will prevent it from showing signs of depletion.  

If you need a specific shape, such as a runner rug, be sure to search for that too. Black outdoor rugs are a classic choice that can easily match any decor. And if you're looking to save on shipping costs, many retailers offer free shipping when you add to cart. With so many options available, you're sure to find the perfect outdoor rug for your needs.

When looking for the perfect color for your outdoor carpet, you may face the problem that there is not enough variety in local stores, and most online ones are not as trustworthy as you would like. That is why here at Magic Rugs ,  we care for your interior decoration expectations, your trust, and your wallet. You will find the most beautiful authentic outdoor rugs in every color you can imagine, for prices that you won't believe.