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Area Rug Under Coffee Table Size

a coffee table is a great place to put a small rug under, coffee tables come in all sizes, shapes, and styles, and sometimes, finding the right rug to complement such beautiful pieces of furniture might become complicated. What should be the dimensions of these rugs? Should they be round or square-shaped? Should I even have one? These and many more doubts are to be clarified in the following blog; so if these are topics you might feel interested in, if you have a small coffee table you would like to put a rug under, you can continue reading.

We’ve put together this post all about how to measure your space and make sure your area rug will fit perfectly under your coffee table! We have included some key points you should know before making any decisions, as well as a few helpful tips that we have come across. 


Area Rug Under Coffee Table Size

Coffee tables are designed to serve a function, but they can also be an eye-catching and beautiful addition to any room. They are used as a surface specifically for drinks or food and for displaying decorative items, usually in the living room . Coffee tables have been around for centuries and have been a great addition to any living room. 

However, their full potential is only reached if they have a rug to go with them. Rugs under a coffee table are more than just a trend or a preference; it is a rule. In the living room, just next to the sofa, there must be an area rug under the coffee table. To bring full texture to the spaces, an eye-catching rug is recommended.


Should you put a rug under a coffee table?  

A question as simple and straightforward as whether a rug belongs under a coffee table can be surprisingly challenging. Some people think a rug will always look better as a carpet under all the furniture in the space. 

However, interior designers around the world have advocated for the use of a small area rug, a rather constraining one, under the coffee table; this helps mold the entire room into the shape desired, it also provides an eye-catching focal point, and it can furthermore add a contrastive section to divide spaces the overall interior design set.

The choice is up to you, but if you're still questioning whether or not to put one under your coffee table, here's some information that might help you decide.


Area rug dimensions for coffee tables  

Placing an area rug under a coffee table is one of the most customary procedures when taking care of the interior design of your home. There are, however, some aspects to consider when purchasing a rug to match your living room set. 

Such patterns include the patterns your area rug should have, the colors it may show, the pile height it may have, and one of the most important parameters: the dimensions; both the shape and size for such an essential and central space of the house must not be taken lightly.

Both parameters are to be fixed on both the shape and the size of the coffee table placed over them.


Rug sizes for different coffee tables   

Each table’s shape and size are going to be determinants for the shape and size of the rug we ought to use. The way to best match these two decor items is to attempt always to use a rug shaped in the same way as the coffee table upon it.


For round coffee tables   

you will probably want to consider round rugs, as they would match the circular shape. The technique is to have a rug over which all the legs of the coffee table can fit in, leaving a space of at least 18’’ between the legs and the end of the rug, and carefully avoiding any other furniture piece touching the carpet.

Since round rugs   are extremely common, you will often find that they come in different sizes. Both 4x6   or 5x7   rugs under the coffee table could be a great decor decision. At the risk of repeating ourselves, a round coffee table and a round rug seem to be the most sensible option to maintain a certain cohesion.


For square coffee tables   

The technique for square tables is to purchase a rug 18” to 24” bigger than the table. The combination of both square decor elements could be placed in front of a sectional sofa, on the side of an L-shaped one, or in the middle of the furniture, which must portray a space around the rug to create the feeling of separateness from the rest of the room.


For rectangular coffee tables   

The goal for rectangular tables, as it is the case with the first two table shapes, is to be fitted over a rug larger than such a piece of furniture. In order to do this, one must always seek to purchase a rug one size bigger than the table. 

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How to find the perfect area rug for a coffee table?  

Now that this post has delivered all the information pertinent to the purchase of an under-the-coffee-shop rug. We hope this helps you find the perfect area rug for your space! there is nothing else to do but to use it wisely in the purchase of the rug that best matches both the furniture and the colors in it, and that beautiful coffee table over it.

A last piece of advice from us is to always follow your gut, for it is you who best knows what your home’s interior decoration needs. This has been a compilation of the most widely followed trends. However, you will always have the final word. 

Here at Magic Rugs, we are prepared for your every need with the best selection of area rugs to place under your coffee table! You could look at our new arrivals collection, for we have curated a very wide collection of the best rugs that are sure to match perfectly with your specific taste and decoration requirements!