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Restore Oriental rugs from Sun-Fading

Restore Oriental rugs from Sun-Fading  


living room area rugMany people are not aware of how much sunlight can damage handmade Oriental area rugs with vegetable dyes. Sunlight is so powerful that it can damage anything that stays under it for a very long period. Customers are sometimes surprised when they start to notice how their handmade Oriental area rug color is so faded that is obvious to the naked eye. This is a pretty common thing to happen when you place a rug next to large floor-to-ceiling windows without any UV film or any type of protection. Sunlight can weaken the natural rug fibers to a no-return point that not even dyes will adhere to it. A carpet dye Master could tell you if a rug can be repaired depending on how long did it pass since the moment that the rug has been under the sun and the moment that you realized the colors are fading and how brittle it feels to the touch.


Natural fibers on Handmade Persian area rugs are dyed with natural oils from seeds and plants. I would consider, from my own opinion, that at least 60% of Oriental rugs from the middle east have reddish colors in them, especially traditional ones or Heriz designs. Red is a very dominant color present in almost every handmade Oriental area rug, and the thing about red is that is very sensible to sun-fading because red color molecule dyes don’t attach completely to fibers as other colors would, as a result, they fade away faster when exposed to sunlight.


traditional area rug

This does not mean that after buying a rug is going to go blank in a couple of days being in the living room, absolutely not. What I’m trying to say is that when caring for red Persian area rugs , one should pay more attention to where you place the rug against the sunlight and maybe have some UV films on your windows, rotate the rug every other 6 months and some other tips that you could read on how to protect your rug from sun-fading on our blog. 


Another important thing you should know is about the blue color, Blue Persian rugs are without a doubt a real beauty, but you have to be super careful and know a few other things when caring for them. All shades of blue can be prone to fading due to cleaning products or every type of chemical detergent. This is one of the reasons why we always separate all of our clothes before throwing them in the washing machine, blue goes with blue. Chemical products have alkaline agents that affect the stability of blue dyes and every shade of it like if you mix blue and yellow to get green, is very likely that green will fade too over time and appear more yellowish.


For these and many other reasons we always try our best to teach our customers a lot of tips and tricks on how they can take care of their amazing authentic Persian area rug . We highly recommend that if your handmade rug has some kind of fading for any reason, like the ones explained earlier, the best solution is to take it to a professional rug cleaner, a professional rug repair store, or a dye Master who can tell you everything you need to know about that specific rug. If it can be repaired, the professionals will do a pretty good job re-dying your rug and leave it as close as new.