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The Great Debate: Carpet vs. Rugs

Have you ever thought about how versatile rugs can be compared to carpets? One of the best things about rugs is that they come in various sizes, making it easy to find the perfect fit for any space in your home

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101 Rug Guide > What are Jute Rugs?

It is no secret that jute rugs are chosen by many to be the centerpiece of their rooms and even houses. their natural, rustic beauty attracts every homeowner and interior designer to include it in the design plan of their dream homes. That is why it would be more than usual if you are interested in adding a jute rug to your rooms.

Tags: oriental rug

Will a rug help a squeaky floor?

If you are looking for the best solution there is to solve squeaky floors yourself in the easiest, yet most effective way, this is the best place to come to, for a rug can be your new best friend in getting rid of squeaks.

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Restore Oriental rugs from Sun-Fading

Many people are not aware of how much sunlight can damage handmade Oriental area rugs with vegetable dyes. Sunlight is so powerful that it can damage anything that stays under it for a very long period. Customers are sometimes surprised when they start to notice how their handmade Oriental area rug color is so faded that is obvious to the naked eye.

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Determine Oriental Rugs Value

Affordable handmade rugs are a valuable item that everyone is considering to fit into their home decor budget. These amazing hand-knotted creations come from a long way from the Middle East and the artisan to your very own living room.

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Protect Oriental Rugs From Sun-Fading

Oriental area rugs are breathtaking pieces of art, there is only one design for each one of them, and some of them are so antique and valuable that the price can go up to 6 figures depending on how well preserved they are.

Tags: oriental rug

Should you put a rug under your bed?

Bedroom area rugs are widely sought in the rug market since many families want to have the many benefits (both visual and practical) a rug can bring to their bedrooms. So Where should I put it?  There are two possible placings: in the area in front of your bed or under it.

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What Is An "Indo" Or "Pak" Rug?

When a rug dealer labels a rug with "Indo" or "Pak" he or she is informing you of two things. First, the dealer is letting you know that the rug has not been made in the same location as the rest of its name implies.

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