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Top 10 Most Popular Handmade rug Styles and Mixing patterns

It’s a well-known fact that handmade rugs are stunning, last for many years and they are somewhat costly in contrast to machine-made oriental rugs . The custom of Persian rug   weaving is assumed to have started in ancient Persia. At present, all styles and mixing complementary patterns of attractive oriental rugs are woven and similarly hand-knotted on straight looms as was done in the past.   


Considering a New Rug  

Buying a new Persian rug for your home or modern decorating with oriental rugs is both an enjoyable and hard job. At the same time as it is enjoyable to watch your beautifying vision come to life, sorting through countless options, and the different mixing of complementary patterns, styles, and low contrasting color schemes can be discouraging. It is hard to make the right decision with an array of choices, and the process of buying and examining oriental rugs is to a certain extent time consuming with the massive list of things to take into account.   

Even though it takes a little bit of effort, laying down the appropriate time and energy into a Persian rug purchase is well worth the wait, and acquiring a handmade Persian rug is surprisingly easy and it can help create a real and creative feel in any room. For any area rug excluding a small one in the bathroom ,  it is well again to stick with handmade rugs . These rugs have a longer natural life and eventually are better quality in contrast to their machine-manufactured corresponding items.   

On the other hand, it can be rather hard for a Persian rug novice to see genuineness, and there are countless wrongly publicized rugs in the industry. Several rugs claim to be handmade to have a higher cost whilst they are actually machine made, and as a result, should not cost the same as a luxury thing.   


Top 10 Stylish Handmade rugs Interior designs   

Notwithstanding the pattern, every area rug style has a bit unique to offer that collectively holds your home interior decoration. Well-interior-designed and elegant handmade Persian rugs come in several different styles, sizes, mixing patterns, and colors. It doesn’t matter if you have fitted carpets, carpet tiles, or wood floor covering, the addition of a stylish handmade Persian rug from the carpet to your home will protect the floorboards and also add the ultimate touches to your modern decorating with oriental rugs.  

Here is a list of the 10 most popular handmade Persian rug styles that never go out of style:   
1. Shaggy rugs  

shaggy rugs, white

Shaggy rugs   include a high-pile creation that is smooth, luxurious, and comfortable to the touch. These handmade oriental rugs come in a massive range of materials, mixing patterns, and colors. These oriental rugs can add a unique feel and elegant style to any space. Real fur rugs are old-fashioned now, as most individuals have started disapproving of their non-vegan creations. In this day and age, faux oriental rugs are being manufactured that are very popular. Faux handmade Persian rugs add lavishness to a room all through the winter spell. To make these oriental rugs look their most outstanding, make them the showpiece of the room while decorating with oriental ones, and don’t allow them to be overshadowed by other furnishings.  


2. Contemporary rugs  

contemporary rugs in living room decor

It is well-known that the landscape of contemporary rugs   alters time and again but they are still among the most popular handmade Oriental rug styles. On the other hand, virtually, the right modern style adopts a flexible appearance in contrast to the bleak lines of modern-day interior design. Contemporary rugs tend to hold well-liked mixing patterns, such as chevron, trellis, and graphic art prints. Contemporary carpets also redefine a conventional interior design by fiddling with the level of the pattern or modernizing the color palette.  


3. Vintage rugs  

vintage rugs for contemporary decor

Vintage rugs     are never out of style and are among the most popular decorating with oriental styles. Indeed, these handmade oriental rugs can make a unique statement in an array of interior décor. Whether it is conventionally styled homes or bohemian roof spaces, vintage carpets can be the best style for all kinds of interior décor. If you are on the lookout for a vintage handmade smaller rug, in that case, you should be ready to pay as per the excellence of handcrafting art. A top-quality vintage carpet is sure to add the appeal of traditional decoration and style to your room.   

4. Traditional rugs  

traditional rugs for contemporary decor

Traditional area oriental rugs are easy to recognize and a well-liked and prime decor accessory in several elegantly decorated homes. These carpets have a typical, decorative Persian rug interior design. Traditional oriental rugs commonly have internal borders consisting of elaborate mixing patterns that make them brilliant for centering living rooms. A genuine traditional rug will for the most part be made of silk or wool. Traditional carpets, similar to Persian carpets, are rightly suited to be positioned in a living room. These carpets offer a traditional look of superior craftsmanship.  

5. Bohemian rugs  

bedroom bohemian round rug  

Bohemian rugs are fanciful and elegant, and they generally feature exciting color palettes, gallant interior designs, and natural fiber creations. They are among the most popular handmade oriental rugs. The key concern to achieving the Bohemian look with handmade rugs is to layer traditional carpeting with natural-fiber carpets. To capture the Bohemian vibe, choose rugs with distressed interior designs and outer boundary details.  

6. Modern rugs  

modern living room rug

If you feel like centering a living space, modern carpets are an admirable neutral interior design factor. Most experts of modern rugs look for cut-loop carpets in neutral shades and with solid or fine mixing patterns. To decorate a space with a modern carpet is to allow the rug with your furnishings and interior décor rather than overshadow it. These carpets offered by Ralph Lauren are great for living spaces since they are easy to clean.  

7. Transitional rugs  

transitional rug in modern living room

Transitional style carpets fall clearly between conventional and modern-day interior designs. These oriental rugs include both traditional and modernized interior design elements and are stylish. They have gentle color palettes and restructured conventional mixing patterns similar to oriental mixing patterns.   

8. Hide rugs  

hide rugs

Hide carpets are created from several animals' hides. Hide oriental rugs   can be in the shape of natural fiber strips, while sheepskins and hides are absolute animal hides. These oriental rugs are excellent for the embellishment of ornaments (small rooms) and gracelessly shaped rooms. Sheepskins are to a certain extent easy to clean.    

9. Textured rugs  

textured rugs

The instant you make a plan to purchase a textured Persian rug for your living room, you will not think about much of it, but the moment you have to go about choosing the carpet it can seem amazingly overwhelming. Not all carpets are the same. Textured oriental rugs are like plush-style oriental rugs. Their irregular tuft height, footprints, and vacuum marks are less noticeable.   

10. Performance rugs  


Performance carpets are instantly recognizable, identifiable, and different. Despite their distinctness, they go with an array of interior decoration styles. Performance handmade oriental rugs have the look and feel of actual wool at the same time as providing excellent sturdiness and protection. They're made from delicately spun man-made yarns; as a result, they're comfy underfoot and can hold up regular use.  


Qs. Can you use an Oriental rug with modern decor?  


Absolutely! Oriental rugs can add a unique and sophisticated touch to modern decor. When selecting an Oriental Persian rug for a modern space, consider oriental rugs with a neutral or muted color palette. This will allow the Persian rug to blend in with the surrounding decor and create a cohesive look.  

Oriental rugs are known for their intricate mixing patterns and interior designs. When selecting a rug for a modern space, consider oriental rugs with more minimalist or abstract mixing patterns that will complement rather than clash with the modern decor. These rugs are typically made from high-quality materials like wool, silk, and cotton, which add texture and depth to a space. Consider pairing an oriental rug with smooth, sleek furniture and chairs to create a contrast that highlights the rug's texture.  

Qs. Do oriental rugs go with everything?  

While s can be beautiful and versatile, they may not necessarily go with everything. The pattern, color, and texture of an oriental rug heavily influence the overall aesthetic of a room, and it's important to consider how it will complement the other elements of your decor.  


Choose a rug with existing colors that complement your existing color scheme. If your room is predominantly neutral, you may opt for a rug with more vibrant colors to add some visual interest, but make sure the colors don't clash with the other items like chairs in the room.    

Qs. Are oriental rugs back in style?  

Oriental rugs have been a timeless classic for centuries and have never gone out of style. No fast rules are there, since they have remained a popular choice for home decor because of their intricate interior designs with less formal settings, rich colors, and high quality.  

While trends in home decor come and go, oriental rugs have consistently remained a popular choice for homeowners and interior designers. They add warmth and character to any space, and their durability makes them an excellent investment. So, regardless of whether they are currently "in style" or not, oriental rugs are a timeless classic that can add beauty and value to any home.  

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