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Will a rug help a squeaky floor?

Squeaky floors are one of the most common sounds heard in homes — when a piece of wood, tile, or hardwood leaves a gap between it and another surface under it (such as the floor), the sound is often audible to people. Some suggestions for dealing with this issue range from adding rubber to the floor, placing felt pads on floors, or hiring someone else to find and fix the cause of the problem like faulty furniture or overloaded pipes. However, over time these solutions can become expensive or even impossible due to other parts of the flat that often need more attention. If you are looking for the best solution there is to solve squeaky floors yourself in the easiest, yet most effective way, this is the best place to come to, for a rug can be your new best friend in getting rid of squeaks.


Will a rug help a squeaky floor?  

A room can be astonishingly beautiful and can be very well decorated. If there is, however, one small aspect that goes wrong, being inside that space can be a daunting experience altogether. One of the hardest issues to deal with in a house is a squeaky floor. 

Squeaky floors are the result of loose boards that, when stepped on, bounce and rub against the fixed ones. The movement of these boards rubbing together causes this unpleasant sound that could automatically spoil a whole room.

Of course, this is no major problem, squeaky floors are not a signal of structural damage, and there are several ways to fix this problem. With a little elbow grease, boundless determination, and patience, the job will be complete.


Can rugs really help with squeaky floors?   

However, not everybody has that type of energy for such a task, which is why the preferred solution is to place a rug over these annoyingly noisy floors. So the answer to our former question is: Yes, an excellent, and probably the best way to lessen the bothers of a squeaky floor problem is to place a rug over it, and you will finally be able to stop worrying about it. 

While squeaky floors may be annoying, the way to get rid of them is rather unproblematic. A rug over them could work as a floor protector to help dampen the sound of your footsteps and lessen the likelihood that your floor will start to squeak. 


A great help!  

It is important to keep in mind that a squeaking floor can be caused by the flooring, the carpet, and even the subfloor. So the solution could go from changing the flooring to a serious carpentry task you would have to invest lots of money and time on. If you prefer a quicker solution to these problems, rugs are a great help to mute the sounds of the boards.

They work as a sound barrier and block the sounds coming from the boards. They are a real lifesaver for those who can be easily bothered by these noises. However, not all kinds of rugs can dampen the sound the same way. Carpets with thick padding seem to be favorites in the matter.


What rugs work best for squeaky floors?   

As mentioned before, it is thick rugs that do the best job, however, there are many kinds of rugs that could be used as floor protectors. There are both natural and synthetic rugs available on the market today. 

Natural rugs tend to muffle sounds more effectively. That is why a wool rug would be perfect for the job, for it is very thick and heavy, and can both dampen the floor squeaks and provide a cushioned surface for you to stand on. Other kinds of handmade rugs can also be a good option; thick Indian-style rugs can cover the part of your flooring that is causing the problem and their weight will help keep the boards fixed.

Synthetic rugs, on the other side, are heavier in weight and don't get as dirty since they're machine-made. Make sure you read the rug's care instructions, though, because some can only be cleaned by certain methods. For example, you'll want to make sure you can clean the rug by machine. If you want to clean it by hand, make sure you use a cleaner that won't cause any damage to the pile and that has been color-fast tested so that it won't bleed onto the rest of your carpet.

rugs desings

Consider styles, shapes, patterns   

It is not all about practicality! Rugs are a decor item that provides not only a practical solution to many issues in the house but also a very beautiful and aesthetic addition to it. There are many styles you can choose from for any kind of aesthetic purpose you have. For instance, vintage area rugs tend to be a bit brighter than natural ones primarily because they've been bleached during the re-vitalizing process, and this makes them great to place in crowded rooms that do not have a rich light entrance. 

Antique rugs are a great addition if you would like to add a touch of incomparable elegance and luxury to a room to render it more beautiful. On the other hand, tribal rugs are a dynamic addition to any colorless, dull, or muted room. 


Rugs are the best option   

You could always try to make your footsteps lighter and avoid walking on that spot as much as possible until you can afford to correct the flooring issues under your house and repair them, but this could be a rather difficult task if the area of flooring is in the middle of the living room or right beside the bed on the bedroom. A rug is definitely the most effective and quickest solution to the issue.

Be it to cover and protect a very squeaky floor, or simply adorn beautifully a room, here at Magic Rugs we have put together the best selection of all kinds, styles, sizes, patterns, and colors of rugs! We have curated a collection of rugs that will match perfectly with any house style and will very surely get rid of the squeaky floor!

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