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what are transitional rugs?

The category of “transitional rugs” among the catalogs may seem enigmatic, for we might not understand how might a rug involve a transition. Transitional rugs are pieces of decor that hold elements both from traditional and modern styles. They are the perfect option for those interior designs that seem to not have a specific stance with respect to age and time.

Furthermore, they present their purchasers with many benefits, not only interior decor-related. These rugs are chosen around the world for their capacity to blend and match with any kind of decoration style, and we bring them to you today, so we can discuss further why exactly are these pieces transitional, how to place them at home, how to recognize them and lastly, the incommensurate benefits they provide both to your home and your household.


What are transitional rugs?

When purchasing a new rug for your home, you might encounter the term “transitional” among the categories; and this might be unknown to you; but despair no more, for the definition of transitional rugs is way easier than expected.

Transitional style rugs are the best combination between past and present, tradition and modernity. These rugs give a new life to a room and are the ideal furnishing for those who want to combine their old family house with more contemporary features. They represent the transitional stage between a traditional and a modern rug.

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Transitional area rugs for your home

Every home has its charm, but every now and then we all feel the need for a change. These transitional area rugs are designed to welcome new elements without forgetting about what's been there before. This type of rug is the best combination of what was before and what is to come, giving your home not only a newer look but also that special something that makes it uniquely yours.

Spacious living rooms are great places to decorate with transitional rugs, 8x10 rugs are to be placed under the legs of your sofas and middle table, so ir creates the sense of a floating, separate room that can only be achieved with transitional rugs, and 9x12 rugs are to be accommodated in order to reach every corner of the room, beside a chimney or a panoramic window. This can create the sensation of being in a different house every time we enter.

If you would like to see how large a rug can be, you might want to visit our Extra large rug space, designed to show you the elegance of the biggest rugs you could have at home!


How do we recognize a transitional rug?

As you might have guessed now, the transitional rug category might hold an infinite quantity of rugs in it, but it might still be hard to recognize one when we see them, for there are several aspects of modern rugs intertwined only with the colors of traditional ones or just a small detail around the design of a traditional rug that smoothly modernizes it.

However, there are many ways you could recognize transitional rugs. Some of them are;


It has a combination of colors and designs that provide a room with an interesting look.

All designs and colors were put together to make those rugs just perfect for your home or office. The colors may be lighter or darker than what is common, but they'll still provide you that modern touch you need but still close enough to the old look to give your place a well-rounded style.

You could find a beige transitional rug, with is a color often related to tradition and Orientalism, but combined with a gamma of blues and oranges that pop beautifully, both in the rug and in your room. Furthermore, you could find a grey transitional rug, a color often related to contemporary designs, but find an ancient tribal design in shades of blue and black. Every design imaginable is possible with transitional rugs.


It is made from modern materials, which are more resistant

The materials they are made in are similar to those that were used in the past, but they're more durable and longer lasting. They will surely give you comfort and a soft touch, unlike the traditional ones.

Another material that makes up transitional rugs is lamb's wool. A true 5-star hotel can't be without this kind of rug for it provides you with a whole different feeling when you walk on them compared to the regular or synthetic material of most rugs nowadays.


It has a mixture of patterns and designs in it

Transitional area rugs hold their own uniqueness to them; no two transitional rugs are all the same. Each rug has its unique pattern and design, and they're still made to be classy and beautiful.


Why buy transitional rugs?

As each year passes, the home decor changes and develops. Even when someone does not change colors or styles of furniture inside their home, they may purchase new carpeting to give their room a fresh new look.

An essential household item that has become increasingly popular is a transitional rug. It is often used over wooden flooring, or outdoors in places like the pool area, and is made with the purpose of allowing homeowners to enjoy the benefits of owning a modern rug, without losing the elegance and mysticism a traditional rug can provide.

Some of the benefits of having a transitional rug in your home are:



Transitional rugs are not just ordinary Persian rugs; they have their own characteristics and traits that make them so unique in every way possible, yet they're still very versatile regardless of the type of room we want to complement them.


The perfect investment

Transitional rugs are not just a type of rug that you want to add to your home or office, but also a style that you would want to embody into the very core of your being. They count as a perfect investment for your future, for they will never run out of fashion. They are precisely wanted because they do not represent only one style, but merge beautifully many styles, ages, and ideas.


Perfect to blend

Although transitional rugs are unique, they are beautiful a mixture of older designs with modern style ones; They are designed to fit most styles of decor and will work with a great variety of design elements.

Allow these transitional pieces of art into your home and enjoy the benefits they bring.


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