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About Vintage Rugs

As you might imagine, at Magic Rugs we really love rugs! Every rug has a story to tell, and that's how we feel about human beings, too.

If you're in the market for an area rug, and you're shopping for vintage or used rugs, that's special. Many vintage rugs originate from the very artisan rug makers who've been making such styles for generations. This is different from many present day weavers who honor rug weaving styles but don't necessarily come from the tradition.

Well cared-for rugs last for many lifetimes, and by choosing a used rug, you're thinking sustainably. (So the Earth thanks you, too.)


The "Vintage" In Vintage Rugs

First, let's explore the terminology. We've noticed that any used or aged rug sold online tends to fall under the category of "vintage rug." We're okay with that, but if you are a serious shopper, you'll want to know the details.

Generally a used rug is also considered "recently made."

When a rug reaches 30 years old, it can be considered "vintage."

After 50 years old, some sellers will refer to the rug as a "semi-antique rug."

When the rug celebrates its 80th birthday, it's officially an "antique rug."

The trouble is sellers and buyers may each think of these terms differently. We recommend you always identify the age of the rug, as stated by the seller. Then explore the seller's FAQ section or ask them directly how they classify their rugs.

The Price of A Vintage Rug

Vintage rugs range from super affordable to super expensive. The value of the rug depends on many things: the condition of the rug, the reputation of the rug maker, and the construction technique. The seller also considers things like: popularity of the rug style and type, as well as the import/export costs to make the rug available to you.

When you settle on a rug that you like, ask the seller or explore the product detail information to get a sense for these things. We have a ton of info each of the these topics in our blog, as well as a How to Determine Oriental Rug Value.

Ultimately, we think that the relationship the rug seller has with rug makers is most important. A longstanding relationship built on respect and trust makes a world of difference in the resulting quality and value of the rugs traded. So don't be shy, and ask the seller about this.

Cheap Vintage Rugs. What's The Deal?

We get this question a lot, as more and more customers want authentic, handmade items in their homes. So how can vintage rugs be cheap and affordable and still great quality? Partly this has to do with the seller's buying technique. At Magic Rugs, we have long standing relationships with our rug makers. https://www.magicrugs.com/about They know we buy many rugs, and we'll always come back for more. This guarantee translates to unique discounts that we pass on to the customer.

Globalization also made it possible in the last few decades for more people to become rug makers. For example, we see gorgeous handmade rugs coming from India, where traditionally there hasn't been a rug making industry. Rugs such as these have comparable quality, construction and style but may be valued differently than their counterparts originating from, say, Persia.

Where You Can Buy Vintage Rugs

As you've probably noticed, you can find vintage rugs all over the internet. But how do you decide where to shop, right? We got you.

First and foremost, you have to love the rug. It doesn't matter how great the rug shop - if it doesn't have a rug you like, you're not going to make your purchase there. So take it easy and just explore the web for rug styles, colors and patterns you enjoy.

Next, check out rug dealer websites big and small. If the dealer has a brick and mortar shop, it's more likely they've actually touched and seen the rugs first hand. Therefore, you can more easily trust their assessment of the rug's condition.

Some online rug dealers may be able to provide detailed information and images of the rug from many angles. This is important for confirming knot count and being aware of the "light side" and "dark side" colors in the rug. Brownie points if you find a dealer who will send you more photos or even video with you upon request! (Ahem, we do that, too.)

Ebay, Craigslist and estate sales are also great options. However, you may have more trouble establishing the quality of a rug, depending on the seller's experience level and their ability to provide product details and photos.

Last, there's probably a rug shop nearby or in the next town over. You may not always have the time to do it, but there's nothing that can replace actually seeing and feeling the rug.

Tips For Buying A Vintage Rug

FOkay so we're going to send you off now with a few awesome tips for finding that special one-of-a-kind vintage rug.

Explore first. Not only is this fun, but you'll start to narrow down colors, styles and rug types. You can generally find your size in any style, so we'll make that second on the list.

Know your size. We've got a great Rug Size Guide, but we've seen many out there that are just as awesome. Just make sure you've measured your space, and write down the shapes and sizes that would work there.

Make a list of 10. Why? Because otherwise our brains get overwhelmed and frustrated with all the options and combinations of size-color-type-age-condition-and so on.

Once you have your 10 favorites, explore the details. Look at the images carefully. Notice whether the seller provides a picture of the rug label on the back side. Find the close-up photo of the back of the rug, so you can assess knot count. Then find the close-up photo of the pile, so you can see how plush or flat it might be.

Finally, compare price and seller reputation. Can you trust the seller? Good question. Do they offer free shipping and easy returns? Also a good question. Is the rug you like best, worth the price to you? Best question of all…

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