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What are the Best oriental rugs?

Rugs are an integral part of our decoration that can make our home more beautiful. In this context, we try to examine different types of oriental rugs for you and tell you what features these rugs have. In general, in today's world, rugs are good for our health in addition to the beauty they can have for us. Sitting on rugs is much more comfortable and healthier than sitting on hard ground. Rugs can be combined with different parts of our home decoration and give amazing beauty to our home.

oriental rugs

oriental rugs have unique features and this has made this type of rug popular. From ancient times the eastern countries have been active in the production of various types of handmade rugs and have been able to produce the highest quality and most beautiful rugs using different designs and methods. Different countries in the East of the world produce different types of these rugs and try to use unique and wonderful features when weaving, to produce the most beautiful and colorful rugs. If you are one of those people who are interested in oriental rugs and want to know more about these rugs, we suggest that you follow us to the end of this article.

What are the Best oriental rugs?

best oriental rugs

Now that we have a little information about oriental rugs, it is better to know what are the characteristics of each of these rugs. Let's examine the different types of these handmade rugs so that we can become more familiar with their characteristics. Note that in general, oriental rugs are woven in the form of fluffy rugs or flat rugs, and raw materials such as silk, wool, and cotton are used to weave them.

Each region, according to the available raw material and customs of that region, produces rugs in different methods and with different designs. This issue causes a high diversity in the carpets produced in the East of the world. Note that many countries in the East, such as Iran, India, China, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Tibet, and other countries around the world produce different types of oriental rugs to make their rugs more familiar to others. The art of rug weaving is a very difficult and wonderful art that can show the customs and history of a nation. If you want to get acquainted with more details about oriental rugs, join us.


Persian rugs

Persian rugs are one of the most suitable and amazing oriental rugs that have unique features. Many experts acknowledge that the Iranians were the first nation to produce different types of rugs. Various designs are used to produce Persian rugs. Designs such as antiquities, flowers, nightingales, motifs, repetitive designs, and ... are some of the designs used to make this rug. The main feature that has made these carpets and rugs so amazing and popular is the designs used to weave these types of rugs. You can extract a book of engravings by staring at Persian rugs.

These rugs are very sophisticated and amazing rugs that can keep you entertained for hours and you will never get tired of looking at them. Different colors are used to produce Iranian carpets, but red is the dominant color for the production of Persian rugs. Note that Iranian carpets are designed and produced in very different designs and colors, and this has made them popular among other people. The colors used to produce this rug have been chosen exactly according to the design and pattern, and this has made these rugs more vibrant.


Indian rugs

Among other oriental rugs, we can mention Indian rugs. These rugs, just like Iranian rugs, have unique features and this has caused them to have a lot of fans all over the world. These rugs are designed and produced in almost all parts of India.  Just like the Persians; The Indians also use the raw material of wool and silk in large quantities to produce oriental rugs. But in addition to these, plant fibers such as mats are also used to produce various types of carpets in India.

The Indian rugs weaving industry is a very old and extensive industry and these manufacturers in this country use special methods to produce carpets. However, there are different styles of oriental rug weaving in India, which include antique rugs production, floral rugs production, and Mongol style production.

indian rugs

 Azerbaijan rugs

Azerbaijan rugs are among those rugs whose most important feature is the knot used for their texture. Special nodes are used to produce them. The designs used to make Azerbaijani rugs are very delicate designs that have amazing beauty.

Turkish rugs

Turkish rugs are another unique rug that is classified as oriental rugs. These rugs have distinct colors and have their patterns. This type of rug is usually made of wool and natural colors are used for this type of carpet. These types of rugs usually have symmetrical knots and relatively simple and angular designs.

Kazak rugs

Kazak rugs are another oriental rug that is mostly woven in red, black, and yellow. These types of rugs are made entirely of wool and have symmetrical knots on the side and asymmetrical knots in the middle of the rug. The patterns on this rug are also geometric.

Afghan rugs

Afghan rugs are another oriental rug that uses wool, goat hair, and even horsehair to weave them. These rugs have octagonal patterns with curved flowers and in some cases may have different animals such as elephants.

Kurdish rugs

Other oriental rugs are Kurdish rugs that have mental patterns. The patterns are inspired by many natural factors for the texture of this type of carpet, but these factors have changed so much that it is not possible to easily identify what features the patterns of this carpet have.



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