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What is an Overdyed Rug?

Overdyed Rugs

Overdyed rugs are beautiful, home decor implements. They have proved themselves to be a great companion for those quiet-looking, minimalistic rooms. With their oriental mystery and bold colors, they have proved to be the perfect modern rug to ornament a contemporary room style. However, other than knowing they are very beautiful indeed, we might not know much about these bold-colored rugs, how are they manufactured, or why exactly is that we call them vintage   or Persian rugs . Today’s blog is aimed at relieving those doubts one may have about these fine pieces of decor. We will elaborate on what is considered an overdyed rug and furthermore, we will discuss whether you should consider purchasing one for your interior design scheme. Finally, we deliver some of the best, somehow unknown tips on how to include an over-dyed rug in your decor items. 


what is an overdyed rug?

What is it that makes a room have a personality? Definitely, the interior design it has, the furniture that was chosen to compliment the spaces, the color palette on the walls and ornamental elements, and even the windows, their size, and the natural light they let in, all play an important part. However, it is just to admit that the rug, which is often placed in the center of the room is one of the most crucial factors in defining the looks of a room. 

One of the boldest decisions when choosing a rug is daring to let it take the leading role in your room. Finding a rug not only complements but modifies the whole structure of your room might be a hard task to endeavor. However, Overdyed Persian rugs seem to be the answer to every need. 

Here at Magic Rugs, there are many different rug designs available for the home and office. And overdyed rugs are one particular rug style that has been attracting the attention of interior designers and homeowners lately. Their colorful, eye-catching presence can bring any room to life, and they are just beautiful decor items to complement your rooms with. 


What exactly is an Overdyed Persian Rug?   

Overdyed rugs are often a Persian

Overdyed rugs are often a Persian, type of rug that has been washed from all its colors and patterns and re-dyed in saturated, bold colors. It is then dried and then treated with a sealant to protect the colors and the pile from wear and tear. 

The result is often considered a vintage overdyed rug, for already worn rugs are often preferred for these processes, giving the final look a tone of antiquity only a vintage rug could have.

Overdyed rugs can use various colors which adds an interesting effect to the rug design. Common colors used in this category can include shades of brown, black and white, gold and silver.  The use of solid colors in overdyed rugs creates a calming, yet colorful effect without the need for intricate designs, which are rather vanished. This is beneficial in that it simplifies the design process and makes it easier to match with many other color schemes in a room.


Where can I find overdyed rugs?   

Rugs tend to be the most expensive item in the household by a long shot, and it's important to know that overdyed rugs, due to their washing, re-dying, and sealing multistep dye process, tend to be rather expensive. 

However, there are different ways to find authentic, guaranteed overdyed rugs for sensible prices, and here at Magic Rugs, we gladly invite you to browse our large and comprehensive product catalog, for you might very probably find an overdyed rug sale to fit both your interior design dreams and your budget. 


How to decide whether or not to buy an over-dyed rug?   

Now here's the big question everyone asks: "should I buy an overdyed rug?" The decision should be based on your priorities and needs for the room where the rug will be placed. If you want your bedrooms or kitchen to stop looking dull and empty, then a green over-dyed rug could look perfect. 

However, if you want a more contemporary and light-colored bedroom, you'll probably want a softer brighter-colored one. Overdyed wool rugs can undergo the overlying process without being rendered as dark as if they were made of sisal or jute. A black and white wool over-dyed rug can make your room glow alive without any ombre design. 


Whatever option you decide on, keep in mind that an overdyed oriental rug can really boost your home's decor as they add a lot more depth of texture and style than regular carpets.


How to style an over-dyed rug?  

Different kinds of rugs work with different kinds of rooms, and overdyed rugs are colorful pieces of art that can take the lead in any kind of room. If you want to complement a minimalistic decor style where white or solid colors are predominant, a blue overdyed rug is the perfect option, for it will give such room the explosion of vibrant color it needs. 


Some tips to style an overdyed rug are:   

  • Maintaining the rest of the furniture neutral: with some whites, or washed-up browns, trying to stay away from bold colors, such as red or yellow, which would not go well with a green overdyed rug, for instance. 
  • Using a mirror: in order to open up the space of the room, and make the overdyed rug in it to keep the balance.
  • Use some calming elements that can contrast the strength of an overdyed rug, white or pastel ornaments or green plants are very nice options


Are you ready for overdyed rugs?  

Overdyed rugs might be an expensive investment for some, but the benefits of their use in your home can be worth it. These overdyed rugs have a variety of uses and benefits, from adding texture to a kitchen or bedroom to complementing more modern decor. 

Some rug styles even make you feel like you're walking through magical places with their inspiring colors and designs. It may sound like an overpriced investment at first glance, but if you look into them deeper there is actually plenty of joy waiting for those willing to take the risk.

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