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Should you put a rug under your bed?

It's that time of year again — the time when we take stock of our homes and assess what needs updating and what we need more of. With that in mind, we've picked one of our favorite trends to inspire you! Are you prepared? We are talking about rugs today!

Rugs are a sure-fire way to add color and texture to any room. They instantly add life and warmth, and if they're woven with beautiful patterns or rich colors, they also create a luxurious aesthetic. In the home, rugs create a stunning contrast against hardwood, tile, and laminate floors, and they can make a whole room feel cozy all year long. It is definitely a decor element you should not miss when planning the interior design of your house.

It is important to know rugs can also be an experimental addition to your space. We understand you might have not had a rug in any room of your house before, and you might be worried about the resulting aesthetic of it, and whether you will like it or not, but we assure you it is worth a try, and with all the places rugs can be placed in, why not start with bedroom rugs?

Bedroom area rugs are widely sought in the rug market since many families want to have the many benefits (both visual and practical) a rug can bring to their bedrooms. So Where should I put it?  There are two possible placings: in the area in front of your bed or under it.

Rug under my bed, a folly?  

Do not doubt it for even a second: a bedroom rug is absolutely one of the home decor must-haves because it offers a lot of possibilities. 

  • First, it helps keep the hardwood flooring of our bedroom clean and soft. As it protects it from external deterioration and begriming agents 
  • Second, it's a great way to personalize our bedroom by giving it an extra touch of color or pattern. 
  • Third, rugs are a great option for families with pets and/or kids because they're easy to vacuum and dirt can be easily swept away with a broom or mop. 
  • Fourth, with regard to price; although rugs may seem like a luxury items, most of them are actually quite affordable, and they last a very long time.

Pretty much any room in your home can benefit from a rug, but they are especially nice in a bedroom. They help to keep your feet warm in the winter and provide a soft surface for your feet to walk on. They also protect the hardwood or tile floors from getting scratched up by your furniture. Bedroom rugs are the most aesthetic way to decorate the house, and they are both comfortable and useful items to have.


Choosing the right rug  

The right rug is an investment in comfort and warmth in cold months and a cozy ambiance all year round. When buying a rug for your bedroom, you want to make sure that it does not only complement your bed but also the aesthetic of your room. When deciding on a rug for your bed, you have to pay attention to several factors. These include the type of surface under the carpet, the color of the flooring, and whether it is made of natural materials such as wool or other animal hair. 


Bedroom Rug Materials  

Normally, choosing a bedroom area rug is a rather fun activity, as it is a low-traffic area of your house, and won't get dirty or worn down. At the same time, your rug choice can dictate the look of your bedroom, and make it feel more like a sanctuary; the type of zen experience you want to carry out into your private spaces.

You can select from all kinds of materials such as plush, high-pile, shag rug -normally destined for a smaller number of users- polypropylene or wool -very resistant materials which will still feel comfortable under your feet in your sacred private space. 


Bedroom Rug Colors and styles   

You should always pick a rug that complements the color and style of your furniture and floor. A light-colored rug, like gray or cream, looks best when combined with light-colored furniture and flooring. Darker colors are best among darker-hued furnishings.

With respect to patterns and designs, you should always seek to complement your bedroom aesthetic; play with the colors and the designs. A patterned rug is better for people who have a strong personalities, and for those who do not want to stand out so much, there are the plain ones, still equally attractive. For those looking for something classic, Persian-inspired rugs are always a great choice. These traditional designs come in an array of colors and textures — they're all beautiful! 

-A small piece of advice is that it is also ideal for bedroom decorating if you use bold colors because it helps draw attention to your bed linens and accessories.-

Once you have decided which will be color and/or pattern of the rug will ornament your every morning and good night’s sleep, one of the most important things to decide is the size of the rug, and this might seem like an easy task, but there are some factors and rules to keep in mind when finding the right size for your rug.


Let’s talk about bedroom rug sizes  

The size of a rug may add or detract from a room’s current decor, so make sure you choose wisely. It’s important that you don’t buy rugs that are too small for the space. For instance, a 5x7 rug will probably not look good in a room that measures 8x10. The size of the room is another key factor. Obviously, a larger rug will not fit in a small space; the rug should be large enough to touch all the wall boards surrounding it. You should also take into account the height of the furniture that would be alongside the rug.

If you plan to put a rug under your bed, the most important factor is the size of the bed, because a large bed can swallow up smaller rugs. You will want to look for rugs that are at least 2-3 times the size of your bed. 


Some rug under-bed rules    

Foremost, as a golden rule, you should always make sure the rug does not cover all the floor surfaces. However, there MUST be a fair distance between the edge of the bed and the end of the rug; you must remember the purposes for which a rug is normally placed in your bedroom: to keep your feet warm when you wake up, so what good is a bedroom area rug if it doesn't extend beyond your bed? Be sure to get the measures right before purchasing a rug.

Secondly, another golden rule is that at least two legs of the bed should be placed over it in order for it to blend with the rest of the furniture.

Rugs size

Having said that, there are multiple options for rug-under-bed placing, and both the dimensions and the placement options will strongly depend on the size of your bed: 


If you have a King Size Bed  

The rug size for King Bed could be 9x12 , 8x10 , 6x9 , and 3x5 . The size to choose will depend on the design option you believe will favor your King Bed the most. 

Some of the design options for a rug under your king bed are: 

  • Leaving only the entire bed over the rug, and having all the rest of your bedroom furniture as satellites around it.
  • Have all the legs of your bedroom furniture (nightstands, benches and so) placed over the rug, leaving at least 10’ from the edge of the furniture to the edge of the rug
  • Leaving the legs of the nightstands and the upper legs of the bed off the rug creates a space from the wall to the middle of your bed.
  • Placing a smaller king bed rug, which covers ⅓ of the floor underneath it. This is normally possible, but you should still ensure you have at least 10’ of the rug on either side of the bed. 


If you have a Queen Size Bed  

The rug size for a Queen bed can be smaller and make either 8x10, 6x9, 5x8, or 3x5. The size to decide will depend on the best design option that will best complement your bedroom area. 

Some of the design options for a rug under your queen bed are: 

  • Leaving only the entire bed over the rug, and having all the rest of your bedroom furniture as satellites around it.
  • Have all the legs of your bedroom furniture placed over the rug, leaving a small edge on the borders of the furniture. Bigger rooms normally go well with this option.
  • Leaving the legs of the nightstands and the upper legs of the bed off the rug, creates a space from the wall to the middle of your bed.
  • Placing a smaller king bed rug, which covers ⅓ of the floor underneath it. 
  • Place two smaller rugs on each side of your Queen bed; keep in mind you must place the edges of the rugs under the king-size. 

Keep in mind both the size of your room and the free space you have in it will be determining the design option you will use, but most importantly, remember these are only guides that might be useful; the final choice is yours, so go make the best of your bedroom area and make it your own sacred space with the perfect rug. 


Some trouble bed rugs may cause - and hacks to solve them  

Normally, the biggest worry of a rug purchaser is the worrying result of having their rug stepped over every day, which is ending up with a thin and worn piece that will be inevitably thrown away, along with all the money invested in it. If you don’t want your new rug to show any sign of wear and tear after heavy use and washings, opt for rugs made from silk , sisal, or jute fibers ; these are not only the most resistant materials for rugs, they show less of the effects of your feet on it. 

Some people are just bothered by the rugs being constantly bulked up from the movement, even more so with the effect of the bed legs. Having to constantly fix their position on the floor, so they won’t fall seems like a hard task to maintain over time. To keep your bedroom rug from sliding or bunching up, you can place a rug under it, to keep your rugs from slipping. Also, you could seek rugs made out of tightly-woven material so that they won't move or shift on their own when you walk over them.

The bottom of the bed is an area that's typically out of sight and out of mind. Unless you have children who crawl under their bed or pets who burrow there, most adults don't even think about this area as a place for spills to happen or dirt to collect. Therefore, it's typically the last place you'd clean.  For this not to happen, we recommend you often sweep up dust bunnies or vacuum under the bed area, and if at all possible, try to keep the bedroom area off-limits so that there are no hiding places for dirt or spills to settle.

Normally bedroom rugs look great on wooden floors; the colors and texture of it add a new aesthetic dimension to the plain wood color. If you have an old wooden floor, be sure to check if there are any nails sticking out of the floorboards that could ruin any new rugs you might buy.




Good luck with your shopping!  

You are now fully prepared to purchase the perfect rug for your home. We hope this post helped you sort some basics out, and that you feel ready to add a new bedroom companion. Check out our collection!

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