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What are Oushak rugs?

What are Oushak rugs?

Breathe in the scent of lavender; lie on an antique rug  and imagine yourself in a different place. Handmade rugs  allow you to enjoy the experience of having traditionally made artwork under your feet, and not only this; you also get to bring this beauty, a tone of mystery, and a spoonful of elegance to your home, giving your personality and sensibility a chance to shine through.

Oushak is a type of rug that can be found in Turkey and is often used in homes as well as places of worship. It's quite difficult to clean, but it features a long, patterned wool pile and bears traditional Turkish motifs. A modern Oushak rug typically has a thick pile and by no means resembles the original type.


Why an Oushak Rug?

It is true, that there are thousands of different designs and styles of Persian or Oriental rugs,  so, why would you want to choose Oushak rugs  specifically? Well, there are some benefits to having one in your home you wouldn’t want to lose! Let us tell you about those:



One of the reasons Oushak rugs are so popular is that they are incredibly versatile and can be combined with about any type of decoration and style of any room. Their natural aged patina and the beauty of their washed palette make it a beautiful neuter piece of decoration for any place in your home.



A very exciting thing about Oushak is that they always look different; no rug ever looks the same as the other. Being handwoven, these rugs have each their own personal mark; either it is the pile direction, weaving technique, or luster of the wool… each rug will always be unique.


Pattern and Colors

Oushak rugs have a classic pattern, with an ivory or cream background and deeply saturated colors. The patterns often have an intricate geometric design, which gives it the illusion of being 3D without adding any thickness to the rug. The color palette possibilities of these precious rugs are unique among their kind. As these were initially fabricated for prayer, they contain sacred colors. You could then find a green or even a blue Oushak rug.



Not only each rug is different from one another, but one rug can look in many different ways. Its colors can change depending on the light of the room, the hour of the day, the position from which you watch it… you can have about seven different tugs on the same day!



Although these rugs might seem a bit overpriced, allow us to remind you that it is years and years of history, and of international traveling that you will be having under your feet, so it is just a small fee for all the energies a rug like this can bring to your home. Furthermore, who knows, you might be able to find Oushak rugs for sale. Do you believe in luck?


Sizes and shapes

Oushak carpeting is offered in standard sizes: 6 x 9,  8 x 10,  9 x 12,  10 x 14,  12 x 16,  12 x 18, 14 x 19, and 14 x 22. These rugs have the tendency to be rather small in comparison to other kinds, although larger rugs can also be found. They are normally rectangular and tend to be placed in offices, home offices, living rooms, and other rectangular room areas. Nevertheless, you could also find rugs made to be runners.


There's no better time than right now

These are the best times for handmade rugs! The Persian weaving tradition is alive and well today in India; Iranian masters produce exquisite modern Oushak rugs that are more affordable than ever before; even home weavers have set up shop. These Persian artists weave by hand using wool, silk, and cotton to create the most beautiful patterns and designs.

Oushak rugs seem to be everlasting in the world of interior design, and nowadays, they are every interior designer’s favorite piece. Your home is a place in which you can relax and allow yourself to create the atmosphere that you like best,  so why not start with the perfect piece? Oushak rugs are waiting for you!


What's the history behind Oushak rugs?

Oushak rugs, a rug of the Levant region, are woven over a frame and then folded in to form a tube. The weft of the rug is then wound around the warp to give it its distinctive design. Oushak rugs have been depicted on coins and pottery dating back to as early as 587 BC with an estimated date for their beginning in 3000 BC. They are composed of natural materials such as wool, cotton, ramie, and silk; with wild plants or other organic materials providing dyes for specific colors. Oushak rugs are different from other oriental rugs in that they are woven on a loom and then sewn together to create the outer design. They also include a medallion in the middle of each rug, which is a family crest or an animal symbol. Despite their seemingly small size, Oushak rugs are intricately designed and beautifully decorated.

Oushaks were originally made by nomadic tribes living in Eastern Anatolia and Persia. After the Seljuk Turks conquered Persia in 1055 A.D., they brought these weaving techniques with them, creating workshops near Damascus, Syria where the rugs would be produced until modern times.

These rugs were not created by just one master weaver but rather by a team of weavers who specialized in using certain techniques. A rug may have been woven by two or four different teams and then sewn together to create a pattern, found on Oushak rugs. Larger pieces would be sent to other cities for sale.


Are you ready?

We’re sure you have learned something new today, and we are glad we interviewed you in that process. You are now ready to go and pick your favorite Oushak rug from our catalog, and while you’re at it, always keep in mind that the decision is always fully yours, and you get to be the leader of your interior design process!

We want tugs to add elegance and warmth to our home, and of course, we need to consider an Oushak rug. Crafted in the heart of Central Asia and used for centuries, they dramatically improve room aesthetics and are the perfect option for pre-decorated rooms, since they come in a variety of colors, patterns, sizes, shapes, and materials, which can match about any kind of style.

We hope you’re thinking about adding one to your home this season! This is the year of Oushak. to see our Oushak Rugs Please click here.

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