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Best Rugs for this Winter

Winter is approaching rapidly, and you have the important task of keeping your loved ones safe, healthy, and comfortable. The best solution for all three is a rug. This piece of decor is miraculous, and it provides much more benefits than beauty to your home.   

A rug in the entryway  allows your family to enter and dry their feet, so they won't fall inside the home. A plush rug under the bed or beside it will avoid you and your loved ones from touching the cold morning floor, and it is no secret that living room area rugs are the comfiest place in the world to sit while watching Christmas movies, opening presents or simply having a chat.  

Be it for you or as a Holiday present to someone you care for, rugs are there to protect and embellish every space in your home if you are interested in purchasing a rug for these cold winter nights and mornings to come.   

Best Rugs for this Winter  


Winter time comes, and with it, the cold and wet weather. It becomes an important task to make sure that everyone in our home is protected from rain, snow, and ice. We can't just leave them unprotected, and that is where winter rugs come to save us and help us protect them.  

Luckily for all of us, there are so many types of rugs on the market right now that will serve as excellent protection against any water damage.     

How to choose a rug for your home?  

After reading about how good can rugs be for you, your home, and your loved ones during wintertime, you may be tempted to buy yourself a new rug to decorate the place. However, there are many different styles of rugs available right now, so think carefully before you decide – perhaps a simple, solid rug  would look nice in your new kitchen, but your living rug may come alive with a floral rug , a 9x12 tribal rug  may look perfect in front of your couch…   

During winter time, a synthetic rug may look very aesthetic, but perhaps a wool rug  allows your room to stay warm, and a plush blue rug of 8x10 under the bed may be just what the interior designer ordered.  

So many options and so little time, because winter is coming! Do not despair, we will discuss some of the basics, and not-so-basics of rug purchasing, so you can make an informed decision in no time.   


Dimensions of the rug  

There are a few things to consider when shopping for rugs. The most important two are shape and size, which will be directly determined by the space you have in your room. Regarding shape, a rectangular rug is likely more practical in rather spacious areas, such as the living room , or a dining room , under the dining table whereas round rugs will go best in smaller areas, perhaps under the coffee table.  

The shape can also affect the look of your room: round rugs can add softness and warmth, while rectangular designs will cover more floor space without being overwhelming.   

Many of the rugs on offer today come in multiple sizes too, and size is an important factor in the rug-buying process. Your rug size will determine how your room looks, if you would like more insight, we recommend you read our article on      what is a good size for a living room rug , but you must keep in mind the principle, which is: the bigger the room, the larger the rug gets to be.  

If your room is large and had a manor-like look, a palatial antique rug of 10x13 is what you are looking for. If you have a rather small room, you could opt for small rugs . A Persian knot 5x8 rug will limit the spaces well enough and allow for free space around it, so your room looks more spacious than it actually is. Border rugs are also good for this purpose; they allow for a neat space division and make your room look bigger.   


What about endurability?   


You may want something durable, stain resistant, and easy to clean; but also something that looks natural, neutral, and not generic. It's worth taking some time to purchase a rug to ensure that the material is endurable, for it will be an important part of your home for many years.   

This way you will know exactly what the quality of the material in which your rug is made is before purchasing it. We advise you read our article on      6 materials used to make rugs      to get more insight into what material is best for your needs.  


What rug style is best for my home?  

If you are looking for the best rug pattern according to high quality, low price, and design that compliments your home: then we recommend an Oriental rug .  

Be it a      Turkish knot 8x12 rug, with its mysterious dark colors and intricate geometric patterns, an elegant medallion rug, or a checkered, colorful      Gabbeh rug , Oriental-style rugs are considered to be the highest quality in area rugs. Their designs are exquisite and intricately detailed. A vintage rug of 8x11 can do wonders in a guest's room.  

For more modern home decor schemes, there are modern rugs , with solid, bold colors, or transitional rugs , for those who feel less inclined to jump to bold modernity. A transitional rug of 10x14 can be an excellent office companion on cold work afternoons.   


How to choose an area rug pattern  

Rugs are a big purchase and with the huge variety available on the market now, it can be a hard decision to make. There is an infinity of patterns to choose from and this can be overwhelming, but do not despair, because there are some trends you can decide to follow.   

Some of the favorite rug patterns around homeowners and interior designers are geometric pattern rugs , striped rugs , or even plain solid rugs for modern decor schemes, and for those who prefer to have artworks in their antique living rooms, motif rugs in oriental styles, or even pictorial rugs .  


Let’s discuss colors   

The colors of your rug are directly determined by the colors of the dyes used in the manufacturing process. For example, a beige rug of 6x9 is made up of brown dye and white dye. Whereas a dark gray rug of 9x12 not only contains black but also blue and green dyes, depending on how it was dyed.  

The color of your rug must depend on the dominant colors in your room. If, for example, you have white and cream colors in your room, then a red and dark rug would go best. If the colors around are rather dark, then you should choose a light rug.  


Where to buy the best area rugs?  

Winter is a special time for many of us and the excitement of having some time off to spend some quality time with your family can be accompanied by that of having a comfortable, beautiful, new addition to your spaces. This is why here at Magic Rugs , we are more than happy to help you accomplish these winter dreams of yours by offering the most beautiful original rugs for your rooms.