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6 materials used to make rugs

6 materials used to make rugs

If you're thinking about updating your area rug, it's important to know which type of material is right for you. A rug can impact a room's style, character, and feel. The choice of material is just as meaningful as the style or color! With different materials come different values and drawbacks; understanding the pros and cons will help in making the right decision.

Have you ever wondered what kind of materials make up all different types of rugs? You may wonder how they can improve a room, how they look, what are their textures, and how they can be used around the house. This article will give you all the information you need on 6 materials used to make rugs, from wool to jute. You'll find out how each one feels underfoot, what their biggest strengths are, and what their major weaknesses are.


One of the most useful things one can do to beautifully complement a house is to install a rug. As Lydia Shapiro said for Angi " a rug is a small design change that can make a big impact on any room of your house."

Rugs come in all shapes and sizes, with some being more traditional than others. But whatever kind of rug you decide on, there are many different materials to choose from. They range from natural fibers like wool and silk to synthetic materials like polyester, cotton, and leather. The type of rug you get will largely depend on the purpose you have in mind.


Best rug materials 

The materials your rug is made in will mainly determine the endurance it has, so figuring out what kind of traffic it will receive and how much coziness you want to add to your rooms is essential in order to choose the right material to compliment your room.

Below is a brief summary of the six main materials that are used to create rugs. Your home is an expression of your lifestyle, and it's important to have only the best.


Wool Rugs  


Among the many different materials that can be used for rugs, one of the most resistant ones is wool . Wool is a natural fiber that can endure external elements magnificently. Wool rugs come in a vast variety of colors, for they can be naturally dyed to look any color desired. They are perfect for high-traffic areas, such as the living room , or the dining room .

The benefits of using these fibers in rugs are that wool has elasticity and does not fray easily, unlike many other types of materials. Wool area rugs also have a very good stain and water repellence, which means they can be almost unaffected by accidents of this nature and are very easily washed. Furthermore, they add a very cozy surface to step over each time you go home.

Some issue these natural fiber rugs may bring with them is the shredding of the fibers, which may occur for some days after you buy it, but should lessen with time.


Silk Rugs  

This is a material that comes from the silkworm. This fabric has been used for thousands of years to make everything from clothing to rugs. Silk is a very luxurious material, which can also be quite expensive. Because of this, it is usually reserved for special occasions. It works perfectly for quiet areas, such as bedrooms , or private rooms.

Some of the benefits of silk rugs are that they are more delicate and detailed, and therefore can render any room an elegant paradise. Furthermore, its softness adds to the coziness they provide to a room.

On the other side, Silk rugs are not particularly practical for use on a regular basis, for they can be somewhat difficult to clean and maintain. Silk rugs are typically huge and can be very beautiful. Still, silk is the best and most luxurious material for making beautiful rugs.


Cotton rugs  

Cotton rugs are made of resistant, natural fibers, which are widely preferred, for " synthetic materials used to create faux hide rugs aren’t as durable as their authentic counterparts." As Abba asserted for overstock. Furthermore, they are the best choice for people with allergies or those who live in humid climates. Cotton rugs are also very durable and don't require a lot of cleaning. 

Although cotton rugs may not be as soft as the last two materials, they are a great option for high-traffic areas, such as living rooms, hallways , or family rooms. Furthermore, they are much more affordable and can fit your decor budget. They are perfect for making a room look casual, due to their natural color and texture

Cotton rugs are rather soft, which makes it ideal for any room in the home. Cotton rugs are available in a variety of weights and textures. They are available in many colors, patterns, and shapes which can help to contribute to the aesthetics of your room. 


Polyester rugs  


This is one of the most popular materials for making rugs since it is relatively inexpensive and easy to get. It can be found in many different sizes, colors, and styles. Polyester rugs are easy to find at any department store or home improvement center and are perfect for just about any kind of room in your house. Most polyester rugs are made by using an extrusion process which essentially heats plastic and then presses it into place.

Polyester rugs are resistant to mold and mildew. The material absorbs moisture, which creates a warmer feeling, which is good for cold environments since it provides insulation in the flooring. This rug is very resistant and does not take much maintenance.

One of the disadvantages of this kind of rug is that it may attract wool dust, so there will be an increased need for vacuuming or sweeping to prevent this from happening. They are, however, resilient and have abrasion resistance. This means that they will be resistant to substances such as dirt, mud, and chemicals and will withstand the level of wear and tear inflicted by daily activities.


Leather rugs  

Leather area rugs have a unique appearance and texture that make them appealing to appreciate. Their surfaces resist dirt, moisture, and stains very well. They also offer more life span than other types of rugs thanks to the fact that they are designed with the sole intent of being durable and long-lasting.

Although leather is not typically advertised as a material that is environmentally friendly, two types of leather should be considered: vegetable-tanned leathers (tougher) and chrome-tanned leathers (softer). The latter can be made from recycled materials such as oil or rubber scraps, so it’s generally viewed in a much more favorable light by environmentalists.

In addition to being durable and long-lasting, leather rugs can be soft and comfortable.


Natural Jute Rugs  


Jute rugs have been in use for many centuries. Jute is a plant fiber that can be woven into thick, soft, and durable natural rugs suitable for indoor or outdoor use. There are many benefits to using jute as a rug, including low cost and ecological friendliness. 

" Not only are natural rugs – like jute – an easy way to add a modern rustic feel to your interiors, but they’re also a really practical option. " Ruth Doherty for The Independent

Furthermore, many manufacturers make luxury rugs out of jute rugs that mimic other natural materials such as cotton or hemp but with better features like antimicrobial properties and low-lying toxicity levels. Jute is a very natural material and works well in an eco-friendly way, so it is often a great choice for rustic home decor.

There are some disadvantages to the jute plant. These disadvantages include limited color choices and durability because of the high acidity levels found in the leaves of the plant. However, jute is a very durable material and will last many years if properly maintained. 


Where to find the best rugs in the market?   

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