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Shiraz Rug

Traditionally, Shiraz area rugs are woven with wool, cotton, and silk. The original use of these rugs was for floor coverings in  Persian homes. However, they have also become a popular choice as wall art in modern homes.

The Persian Shiraz rug is known to be a cultural symbol of the country and has been listed as an Iranian national heritage object by the Cultural Heritage Organization of Iran. The Persian carpets manufactured today in some parts of Iran are still called 'Shirazi' carpets to remember their origin from the city of Shiraz in Persia which was the second major center for carpet production during its time after Tabriz.

Antique Shiraz rugs contain many traditional elements, intricate patterns, and beautiful colors. Many carpets in Persian culture depict trees, flowers, birds, and water which are symbols of life. The style of the carpet design trends followed Old-Persian designs that were passed down from generation to generation.

The rugs of Shiraz tend to be a bit heavier than other Persian rugs and also contain more wool within their weave. And this is not only measurable in terms of weight, the colors are substantially darker than those of usual Persian rugs. A dark red Shiraz rug could work amazingly well on light floors.

Today, Shiraz is home to a major carpet-weaving industry. And here at Magic Rugs, we offer the most amazing Shiraz rugs for sale, so you can bring all the luxury and beauty of an antique rug to your living spaces.

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