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Create Appealing Rooms When Choosing Matching Rug Colors

How to choose a Rug Color?   

A house is considered to be home only when it is lively and has all the elements in its place. Among all these elements, Rugs have the decorative prowess to create an absolutely new vibe and elegantly tie a room together. As it holds a great deal of potential in creating an appealing room ambiance, choosing a perfect rug is very crucial. Along with the material, size, style, pattern, and shape, the color of the rug is significant to evaluate before purchasing one.   

One cannot deny the fact that there is a wide range of choices of living color rugs   in the market. There is tremendous flexibility for you to set the mood and tone of your room with unique colorful rugs .  However, there are some things one should keep in mind before deciding the color of the rug for the room. Let's dig a little deeper into how one can find a perfect colored rug for their space.         


How does the Rug color affect your space?   

You might have noticed that the colors surrounding us affect our emotions, feelings as well as moods. Similarly, the color of the rug placed in your room also holds immense power in impacting our emotions.   

Along with the emotion-impacting capability, the colors you add to your space also have the potential to describe your personality.  

Well, rugs are like permanent additions, so having a little heads-up about the role of different colors and what they say about a person can help in selecting the right rug color a lot. Check out the below-given details to understand the message each color gives:  


  • Yellow is considered a synonym for joy and provides cheerful energy in open areas. Yellow color rugs   also have a welcoming, friendly, and warm liveliness. For that very reason, it is worth indulging this color in entryway   and hall space rugs.  
  • Orange is a vibrant color that doesn't go with all the spaces. However, these vibrant-colored orange rugs   are amiable additions to areas that are more active, like office spaces, classrooms, etc.  
  • Red is quite an eye-catching color that gives a high energy to its space. Therefore, one can use a red   vibrant color oushak 8x10 rug   to represent their unique taste.  
  • Blue is a widely used color in spaces where it is necessary to create a relaxing, comfortable and calming energy. Blue color rugs   are the go-to option if you also want the same comforting and safe ambiance in your room. Though, make sure to add warm tints to the furniture or other decor items to balance out the cold essence of the blue color.   
  • Purple is a color of royalty and luxury. One can use a purple solid color rug to demonstrate their rich taste and style. It is pretty easy to play around with a purple rug   as in lighter shades, it gives a cool gist like blue, and in darker hues, it becomes warm like red.  
  • Green is famously deemed as the color of freshness and cheerfulness. That's why green rugs   are terrific brightly colored rugs that can help reduce stress and provide newness all the time. Green is like the pop of color rugs.  

Things to keep in mind while selecting Rug color   

As you are now aware of the potential of each color, thus choosing a rug color won't be much arduous after this. However, there are a few factors that must be kept in mind before shop rugs by color; they are described below:              

Size of the space:  

There is a simple rule that revolves around the relationship between room size and room color. The Rule goes as the larger the room darker the rug color, and the smaller the room lighter the rug color  

Therefore, the rooms that have a large area and open space can be designed with brightly colorful patio rugs. You can choose dark shades to add definition to your space and make the room more alluring. That's why open sociable spaces also require modern multi-colored rugs with dark and brighter shades.  

However, smaller spaces also need light and pleasant colored rugs. Beige or cream color rugs are flawless in giving small spaces a little bigger feel. Natural tints also work marvelously in decorating the small space without exaggerating the overall look.  


Set the tone:  

It is very critical to first be clear about what atmosphere you want to create in your room before choosing the rug. Once sure, then go for the rug color that perfectly fits the desired tone of your room.   


Check out the following points to decide the color of the rug, based on its aura:   

  • If you want to keep a warm and friendly ambiance in your room, pick a red, orange, and yellow colorado rug.  
  • Light and natural colors can work well to give a light and airy feel to the room.  
  • A mixture of natural and dark-colored rugs can help in giving a cozy and intimate feel to the space.  
  • To get the serenity and peaceful vibes in the room, you can choose colors like sage green, pastel blue, etc.  
  • A colorful pink rug can provide a feminine as well as sweet atmosphere in the space.   
  • Unique colorful rugs help to provide a cheerful and uplifting atmosphere in the room it is used.  


Consider the existing colors of decor  

If you are starting from scratch and giving an overall new look to your room. You can easily start with any of your favorite colorful vintage rugs and design the color scheme of the whole room accordingly.   

Unfortunately, if you are starting a little late and all the furniture, décor, and painted walls are already perfectly coordinated in your room, the rug must be the last piece left to purchase. In that case, you are left with minimal options and you will be compelled to pick the rug's color accordingly. Although you won't be able to completely match the color combination of the room's interior design, you can find a rug with a similar hue to the current decor pieces of your room.   

See, you should never focus on matching the color of the rug completely with the walls. Otherwise, the rug will just camouflage, and getting a rug as a decor piece would be a complete waste. To avoid this, choose the color that goes with the color palette and compliments the walls.   

Room with a monochromatic and poise design makes the rug color quest easy. For rooms like these, you can easily use modern multi-colored rugs to give a little dash to the room.  

However, if the room has too many shades, in that case always use neutral-colored rugs that complement the artwork, furniture, and soft furnishings of the room.  


Colors that go with the couch and Flooring’s hues  

Couch color:  Getting the right couch and rug color is very critical. If you have a Red couch; a light gray rug ,   beige colored rug ,  or a black ,  and even red rug   can go well with the couch.   

The Black color couch gives the great liberty to choose different colors for rugs. Mostly solid white rugs ,  white and black combinations, unique gray shades, black, and gray blend, and even red-colored rug suits with a black rug  

Flooring Color:  Many outlooks this factor, but the color of the floor also affects the perfect color option for a rug, immensely. Where the gray floor sets a neutral tone by giving a calming effect to the space, warm color rugs like caramel, yellows, bright pinks ,  and deep oranges   will pop up to deliver a riveting look.  

These days, dark wood floors are most in fashion. As they give an eye-catching look, light color rugs like gray, white, and beige will rightly cater to the floor's grace. One can also not go wrong with brightly colored rugs for wood floors as they really help to bring more color to the space.  



When it comes to creating an appealing room, the choice of rugs can make all the difference. For those looking to add a pop of color, vibrant colored rugs or cheap colorful rugs can be a great option. Alternatively, a solid color rug in 9x12 or cream color rug in 10x14 can bring a fresh spirit of nature into the room. Opting for shed wool fibers is ideal as it adds texture and warmth to the space.

If you're after a more artisanal touch, hand-tufted rugs are an excellent choice. Our collection features loop pile and borderless designs with serged edges, perfect for a contemporary and versatile Colorado living room, bedroom, or dining area. Easy care and casual style are also essential, and a rug with a clean edge completes its overall look. Whether you're looking for indoor or outdoor rugs, our handsome collection features a range of designs that will suit any room in the house.

In summary, choosing the right rug is vital when it comes to creating an inviting and appealing room. Whether you prefer a pop of color or a more natural look, our collection of vibrant colored rugs, cheap colorful rugs, solid color rugs in 9x12 or cream color rugs in 10x14 with shed wool fibers, and artisanally hand-tufted designs with serged edges will bring the fresh spirit of nature to any living room, bedroom, or dining room. With easy care and casual style, you can ensure that your rug always looks its best

Designs, patterns, and fashion rules are temporary, just think about what goes with your personal style and preference and take it without any second thought. A colorful entryway rug 3x6 is also a nice option to depict your style, but the area rugs are the ones that dominate the place and can be easily employed to experiment with your space as per your taste.