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Green Persian & Oriental Area Rugs

When our customers are shopping for green area rugs, we ask, “what shade?” You’ll find stunning shades of green, like emerald green, teal green, olive green, and dark green. Most popular in our inventory of green rugs are Oushak Chobi, Gabbeh, and Kazak rugs with gorgeous green backgrounds and accents. We love these styles for the way they so easily complement rooms in your home.

Trending Blue Green Rugs & Runners

We love blue green Persian rugs and runners! The style lends itself to wholeness and balance and gives certain ease to the room. That’s why we absolutely love the current baby room trend that includes a blue green vintage rug. Yes! And why not? When we think of nurseries and kid rooms, we go to white, pinks, blues and greens. A vintage blue-green rug complements the style perfectly and adds a level of cozy to your sweet baby’s room.

About Emerald Green Persian Rugs

Emerald green is said to have been the favorite color of Mohammed, according to the Koran. Other shades of green tend to represent life, growth, and prosperity. We often seen green Persian rugs with stunning medallion designs and floral patterns. Whether you place your rug as a centerpiece or a subtle backdrop, green Persian rugs will add a sense of balance to your space.

How To Style With Green Oriental Rugs

Green oriental runners do so well in the kitchen because they match virtually any cabinet style. Select an olive green Oushak Chobi runner, especially for oak-stained wooden cabinets. Dark greens and emerald Kazak and Gabbeh runners go well with black or white cabinets. We’d actually say the same for your home office too. Try allover or medallion green area rugs and place them in front of or underneath your home office desk.

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