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Red & Blue Persian & Oriental Rugs

We have a fantastic collection of red area rugs for the living room, kitchen, and bathroom. Our most popular rug types are handmade in authentic red Bidjar, Kashan, and Agra Jaipur styles. You’ll find these gorgeous pieces with strong secondary colors, such as grey, blue and black. Explore tribal patterns as well as floral allover designs. Red area rugs are so versatile for any space.

Trending Red Living Rooms Rugs & Runners

Are red area rugs out of style? “Not,” according to our interior design partners! Styling with red vintage rugs is a fantastic way to add immediate depth and dimension to your room. Red runners are great for the layered look. Simply place a traditional red Persian runner over top of a neutral or beige flatweave. We’ve also seen some patchwork styles that are so fun for the more casual spaces in your home. Simply overlay Persian and oriental rugs on top of one another. Be sure to let your red rug be the color pop in your scene.

About Bidjar & Kashan Oriental Rugs

Bidjar and Kashan rugs are incredibly popular, but for different reasons. According to carpetencyclopedia.com, Bidjar rugs are historically known for their exceptional durability, while Kashan (or Keshan) rugs are known for their superior quality. The designs tend to differ, too. You’ll find Bidjar rugs with elegant and downplayed fish patterns, known as “Herati,” and popular Kashans will have stunning and bright medallions and floral backdrops.

How To Style With Red Area Rugs & Runners

Our rug specialists often assist customers with how to style a red oriental rug. Red area rugs often have rich colors with bright primary reds and secondary colors, like grey, blue, black, white, and cream. We recommend using your red carpets as anchor pieces for the rest of the room. For example, you might balance a bright Red Agra Jaipur rug with an equally rich wall color. Perhaps you style the rest of the space with neutral colors to allow your red rug to be the star of the show. Call out the secondary colors by placing a couple of accent pieces around the room. A red and blue rug might do well with a bright blue vase or subtle blue wall hanging.