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10 Tips To Place Oriental Rugs Around The House

hand-knotted persian rug10 Innovative Tips for Placing Handmade Oriental Area Rugs at Your House  


Do you want to use intricately designed handmade Oriental area rugs for enhancing the décor and beauty of your home, but you don’t know how and where to place these rugs for achieving the perfect look? Let’s not worry about that anymore. Here are some innovative and useful tips for placing handmade Persian rugs in various areas in your home to make it look like a truly beautiful and welcoming place in perfect harmony.  


1. Place a handmade Oriental area rug in the living room  

If you already have a wall-to-wall carpet lying in your living room or any other room, you can place a beautiful and elegant handmade Oriental rug on top of it. This will take the focus away from the carpet and highlight the natural bright colors you can only see on authentic Persian rugs. A handmade Oriental rug can help to make your room look colorful, lift its mood, and improve its appearance. Handmade Oriental rugs have a large variety of colors , styles, and patterns, you could even pick because of their symbols or color meanings . Large Traditional Kashan Rugs or Muted handmade rugs on the living room are always a great fancy touch to impress your guest.  


2. Keep Oriental rugs in hallways or the Kitchen  

Small-sized Oriental rugs like Persian tribal runners or rugs having dimensions of 3 x 5 feet or 4 x 6 feet can be placed in the kitchen or in the hallways. They will help you to add color to those areas that are often neglected areas in our homes. Using handmade area rugs at the side of your bed will make your cold wood floor look like a welcoming and appealing space. You can also place Oriental rugs in front of your dresser to bring a group of furniture items together in harmony with your room décor.  

tree of life hand-knotted persian rugs

3. Place a Persian rug in the bathroom  

You can keep a smaller Persian tribal runner in front of a double-sink vanity in your bathroom which will help to make it an enticing and relaxing place. If you don’t want to go for a runner but instead want to add a small elegant touch to it, then you could add a few small rugs to place in the handwashing area.  

4. Use an Oriental rug for decorating the walls and stairs  

If there is a high ceiling in a room or a high-placed alcove at your home, you can hang large pictorial handmade Oriental rugs on the wall or in the alcove. Pictorial rugs are like beautiful unique antique paintings telling a story. This would definitely impress your friends when they come over to your house. Another idea would be to add a palace-size Persian runner to your stair or even match different small runner patterns to transform it into a bohemian vintage style.  

traditional handmade Persian rugs 5. Match rooms with Handmade Oriental Rugs      

If your dining room and living are both one large room that can be seen from each side, you could give thought to placing two handmade area rugs with different design patterns but complementary colors. You could place an Allover Persian Rug beneath the dining table and in the living room an exquisite traditional handmade Oriental rug. Match this beautiful combination by completing your home décor by adding pillows flowers or paintings that match the colors on both rugs.  

6. Place an extra-large Persian rug  

Keeping a light or muted palace size Persian rug that covers most of the floor’s surface area will give the room a wide-open feeling. Such a placement suits those rooms that have high or vaulted ceilings. To achieve this, you need to measure the full length and width of your bedroom and then just take 2 inches out of each measure, for example, if you have a room 12x16 then you need a rug 10x14, and so on. This will enhance your room and still show the right amount of that gorgeous floor you have.  

7. Use an offset placement for showcasing an endearing rug design  

Placing a handmade Oriental rug under a bed in an offset manner will help to provide an enhanced visual appeal to the place. For doing this, position the rug underneath your bed at no less than half the distance from the headboard, but at least place about 1/3 of the rug beneath the bed. This placement will enable you to exhibit your rug’s design in a prominent manner.  


8. Use two rugs instead of one  

Using two distinctive handmade Persian rugs in a bedroom can help in breaking the monotony of a large space and make the room look more interesting and colorful. For achieving this, choose two Persian area rugs having different colors or designs. Also, the rugs should match the furniture and décor of your bedroom.  

9. Increase coziness in your small bedroom  

Small-sized bedrooms are cozy, but their coziness can be enhanced by placing a lovely handmade Persian rug. Such rugs not only make a room look stylish but also add warmth to it. For achieving this, opt for a rug that is available in one of the small standard sizes like 6 x 9 feet or 5 x 7 feet and which perfectly suits the dimensions of your room. A rug having a smaller design pattern is ideal for small rooms.  

Modern Tribal Gabbeh Persian Rug10. Place a multicolor Gabbeh Rug on the bedroom  

Handmade Gabbeh rugs are the modern colorful Persian rugs that everybody loves. The fun part here is that Gabbeh rugs are handmade tribal rugs with super bright color combinations and geometric/tribal simple patterns. When you décor your house the idea is to change it if you get bored, Gabbeh rugs give you that possibility because they have so many colors in them that you can change the rest of your décor and still have your amazing unique rug intact to pass on to your family. Also, this vintage rugs have excellent quality and last longer, and they are the best fit to place in your kid's bedroom because they add color inspiration to your growing children’s imagination.  

Magic Rugs is one of the most trustable rug stores in Charlotte NC that offers a wide range of affordable Oriental rugs including Persian tribal runner rugs, palace-size Oriental rugs, and extra large Oriental rugs. The store also offers antique Oriental rugs for sale. Placing these rugs in various areas in your home will enable you to create a relaxing ambiance and let you enhance the beauty of your place.  


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