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6 tips: your guide to buying a runner rug

6 tips: your guide to buying a runner rug  

Buying the correct runner rug  can be a confusing task as it is hard to know which style you need, what the different types are, and what quality to expect. This blog post will help you decide on your perfect runner and make your buying experience more simple by providing helpful information about runners and how they're used.

By the end of this article, you should have a clear understanding of why people love buying runner rugs, and how and where to buy them. Picking a runner rug that perfectly complements your home, fits your budget, and offers the quality and durability only an authentic rug could provide, can be a hard task, but this article offers 6 simple tips, with which you are sure to find the perfect rug for your spaces.

Your next rug purchase can be successful and rewarding!


6 tips: your guide to buying a runner rug

Demand is high for runner rugs. And there is no doubt why: they're made to be versatile and functional, and every home is rendered both beautiful and welcoming just by having one. If your home does not have a runner rug yet, you should definitely consider purchasing one. You can use them by dividing spaces or creating a pattern across the length of your hallway , kitchen area , or practically any other space, for runner rugs look good in any type of room .

A good runner rug is a great accessory for any room in your home, but it's especially useful for highly trafficked areas. They're the most practical and lasting choice when it comes to high use, for they are designed and their materials are chosen to endure the wear and tear of domestic life.

They are also aesthetically pleasing and can add warmth and texture to any room. Some people love using them in living rooms  or kitchens, but many prefer the individualized look of having several runners in different styles throughout their homes.


Considering a new runner rug

Runner area rugs are not only attractive, but they also have high endurance to external elements, which will make them much more reliable and durable. If you are considering purchasing a new runner rug for your home, but have not bought a runner rug before, this article will help you find the perfect one for you by providing you with advice on the elements that you should take into account for the selection process and on what kind of runner rug to buy for your space. 


6 Useful Tips When Buying a Runner Rug


Think of the room the rug will be placed in  

As you may know, runner rugs are very versatile in indoor and outdoor areas and can be put in about any space of the house. When it comes to a runner-style rug, hallway runners seem to be the preferred option.

However, you could also use a kitchen runner rug, which works perfectly by dividing the spaces from the kitchen floor up, and creating a sense of tidiness, a bedroom runner rug , to place beside the bed and allow the room to enlarge, or an entryway runner , to create the red carpet feeling when entering your home, and you could even find an outdoor runner rug, which is even more resistant than regular runners and allow you to embellish a patio gathering zone. 


Decide on the size of rug you need.  

After deciding on a room, be sure to measure the spaces and consider what size rug you need before venturing out to select one. Avail yourself of enough information regarding how long a runner rug usually is: The standard runner rug can be 2 or 3 feet wide and from 6 to 14 feet long. 

With this information, you can estimate if this type of rug will be a good fit in your home or not. 


Pick a color that blends in  

There are many different colored rugs these days. And this is good in the sense that you can compare and contrast them and find one that matches your home's color scheme. But don't get too carried away when shopping because you might end up with something garish or unconventional which will clash with your interior décor. As a general rule of thumb, go for colors that blend in but which don't go unnoticed either.

However, be it you prefer a great-looking, rather muted  runner that has a decorative border and maybe just one or two colors, or you want a very eye-catching and rich-looking runner with deeper variations of color throughout its design, the choice is entirely yours, and you must make it considering what would best fit your spaces.


Use your budget efficiently  

Runners are generally more affordable than other types of carpets. However, you should always seek quality instead of low prices, for it is the quality of the rug that will define if you made a good investment or not.

A high-quality, well-maintained rug can last for up to 10 years, enduring for years in high-traffic areas and the wear and tear of daily life. That is why if you are buying a runner rug for the first time, it is advisable that you leave a bit of money aside for your purchase. 


Think about your style   

Think about the pattern and the decor current you would like your rug to have. How much substance you would like your runner rug to have! Always try to match the style of your home.

For instance: if the furniture is rather antique and shades of brown and gold predominate, an Oriental-style runner rug  might just be the perfect option. On the other hand, if your room has a bright natural light entry, and muted colors predominate both in the walls and furniture, the right match would be to have a modern , colorful , striking rug. Although you might not believe it, your bathroom is the perfect space for a modern bathroom runner rug .


Find a trustworthy place to purchase your rug  

Most homeowners tend to prefer a local rug store, for those in-place purchases seem to be the safest way to purchase a product. However, local stores cannot offer the variety an online store can. Furthermore, nowadays, internet scamming is absolutely avoidable, there are now trustworthy online places you can find your rugs in

Although finding a trustworthy online place to purchase your rug might seem to be a difficult task, the solution is undoubtedly here at Magic Rugs, where we have prepared for you a selection of the best and most enduring runner rugs for your spaces.


Ready to make your purchase?  

These pieces of advice will surely help you choose a runner rug that fits not only your needs but also your aesthetic expectations. With the help of Magic Rugs, you are sure to find the best runner rug for your home.