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9 Tips To Decor Your Bathroom with Affordable Oriental Rugs

9 Tips To Decor Your Bathroom with Appealing Handmade Oriental Rugs  


handmade oriental rugs for saleYou may want to place handmade Oriental rugs in your bathroom for enhancing its looks. But you may not know what type of handmade rugs you should keep there and at exactly which spots you should place them for getting the desired visual and sensory effect.

To help you select suitable handmade rugs for your bathroom and keep them at the right spots for getting the desired look, we are now sharing some useful tips for you.   

1. Opt for hand-knotted rugs  

Hand-knotted wool rugs can handle moisture quite well, and they feel good under bare feet.  Usually, rugs can be placed in front of the sink in a bathroom, or one larger rug can be kept at the center of the bathroom. Depending on a bathroom’s size and configuration, hand-knotted wool rugs are extremely versatile and can be placed in many different ways. The benefit of keeping such rugs in front of a sink or vanity is that you tend to stand there a lot and they will give a cushiony feeling under your feet and thus make you feel great.   

 2.  Use light and bright rugs with a black contrast for a simple look  

useful tips to decor your bathroom with handmade persian rugs

If you want your bathroom to attain a simple yet appealing look, you should use a rug that is light and bright and which contains a touch of black for contrast. A Moroccan style area rug having a blend of these colors would be ideal for beautifying your bathroom.  

 3.  Keep a kilim rug for acquiring a colorful decor   

If your bathroom is large and you want to make it look colorful, you should procure a kilim rug . It will give your bathroom a grand and beautiful appearance.

 4.  Keep rug at the bathroom’s center or in front of the bathtub to prevent slipping   

If your bathroom has a tile floor and you want to prevent slippage on it, you should place a rug at the center of the bathroom or at a spot that lies in front of the bathtub. If you use a rug which is too small for this purpose, it might look out of place, and its placement can lead to safety issues if water spills on the tile when you come out from the shower or bathtub. If you use a rug which is too large, it may not lie flat around fixtures in your bathroom, and it might also command all the attention in the bathroom or detract you from another décor.   

To avoid such situations, you should accurately measure the dimensions of your bathroom and choose a rug which is neither too long nor too short in size. This measurement will also help you in determining if you can place a square, rectangular, round or abstract-shape rug at your bathroom. Rugs with sizes around 17” x 24” are typically suited for spots in front of pedestal sinks or shower stalls, while rugs that are over 21” x 34” fit well outside most of the tubs.

tribal Persian runner


5.  Choose runners for long and narrow bathrooms   

If you have a bathroom that is long and narrow, you should keep a runner rug. It will look great. Also, the rug will cost you less than an area rug.

  6.  Put several small accent rugs for all-white bathrooms  

If you have a bathroom which is all-white, you can opt for several small accent mix and match handmade rugs, layered over each other. This will let you create a real boho aesthetic. Such mix-and-match rugs will do much of the heavy aesthetic lifting.

  7.  Use rugs with solid colors or exotic designs for achieving a matching decor    

affordable handmade oriental rugs


In case, your bathroom opens into a master bedroom or powder room; you should use rugs that can help you match your bathroom’s décor to the rest of the house. So you need to choose rugs that have solid colors or exotic designs. These rugs should be able to bring the room together and enhance the overall design of the bathroom while also letting you show off your unique personality. Small-sized rugs are better for patterns as they do not overwhelm the viewers’ eyes.

As an example, you may be keen on turning your bathroom into a sleek, spa-like room with comforting hues of green and blue meant to depict the colors of the ocean. A solid pattern with basic geometric shapes in these colors may be the best option for you. Or you may want your bathroom to match the soft and feminine décor of your bedroom. For this, you may choose a floral rug that contains pastel colors. In addition to enhancing the feel of your bathroom, your rug should contain the colors of your accessories, such as window curtains, shower curtains, towels, or any other shades used in the bathroom.  


small handmade Oriental rugs

8.  Use rectangular rugs for creating a visual path  

If you want to add interest and a sense of order to your bathroom, you should use rugs for creating a visual path. You can quickly achieve this by placing long and rectangular rugs in your bathroom.

 9.  Choose durable rugs   

The bathroom is the place that is most likely to get exposed to water on a daily basis, so you should use rugs that are durable and long-lasting. You should use cotton rugs in your bathrooms as these are absorbent, so they tend to dry quickly. They are also soft to the touch. They feel like comfortable robes for sensitive feet.  While choosing rugs for your bathroom, you should also consider how easily these can be washed and maintained. 

We hope you would find these tips useful for choosing the right rugs for decorating your bathroom and for placing them in the right spots for getting the desired visual and sensory impact.

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