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The Difference Between Antique Vintage & New Rugs

The Difference Between Vintage, Antique & New Rugs


If you're shopping for vintage rugs, you've probably run into this question. And for good reason. There is no governing authority on how rugs are labeled and marketed. Further complicating matters is the fact that the age of a rug is often unknown. So if age is of particular importance to your project, be sure to contact the dealer directly. The dealer should be able to at least clarify how he or she defines these terms. Better yet, the dealer should be able to tell you the story behind the rug.

And p.s. this week we're featuring an awesome interior designer - blogger, Annabelle of trimdesignco.com. Check out her work here along with tips on decorating with vintage rugs.]

We can offer some generalizations that can guide your shopping efforts.

So let's review here:

  • An "antique rug" is generally considered 60 years or older.
  • A "vintage rug" may be between 30 - 60 years old.
  • A "used rug" has been previously owned, but is not yet considered a vintage.
  • A "new rug" has not been used by a previous customer.


You may have seen the term "semi-antique."

In fact, we use this term for many of our rugs and runners. This is a less specific term and simply indicates that the rug is an older vintage and should be considered nearly an antique.

If you're curious how age affects the value of a Persian or oriental rug, this post  can help you budget appropriately. You may also want to check out our short primer on vintage rugs  since this will give you some immediate tips to assist your shopping efforts. Happy shopping!

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