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How to Get Rid of Mold On Handmade Oriental Rugs

traditional area rug


Useful Ways to Get Rid of Mold From Your Hand-Knotted Oriental Rug  

A wet handmade Oriental rug can become a breeding ground for the growth of mold. The stagnant moisture provides mold spores with a conducive environment for their germination, and the organic carpet fibers provide natural food for them. The faster you tackle the mold, the easier the task will become, because mold spores multiply and spread very quickly.  Some molds have got toxic properties, so you should treat this problem not only as a cleanliness issue but also as an important health issue.

1. Firstly, you should inspect the rug to know the extent of the growth of mold. If you find that the mold has reached the backing at the base of the rug, it may take a considerable amount of effort to remove it. So it is better to hire a professional carpet cleaner in this situation. 

If the mold has grown across a large portion of the backing of the rug, you may have to get it replaced.        




2. If the mold is still manageable, you can try to remove it yourself by applying one of the various effective ways. Start with ventilating the room. Open all windows and doors in the room where the moldy carpet is kept. Airflow helps to reduce the humidity which encourages mold and lessens associated odors. If you plan to use a chemical cleaning product for removing the mold, ventilation will reduce the chances of causing irritation to your lungs and eyes. If there are no windows in the room, turn on a fan pointing toward its doorway. 

3. Take your rug outdoors. If possible, place it in a thick trash bag so as to prevent tracking mold through your home. Once you are outside, allow the rug to air dry and brush away the loose spores on it with a broom.

If you’re cleaning a rug which cannot be moved, just dry the rug fibers by using a dehumidifier or an electric heater.   

4. Vacuum the surface of your rug with a hand-held vacuum or with a hose extension on a traditional vacuum. This will bring out mold spores from deep within the fibers. Make sure you immediately wash your vacuum filter outdoors.

5. Sponge the handmade Oriental Rug with soapy water, using a regular household detergent. Alternatively, a rug shampoo should do the job. Scrub the surface at places where mold has appeared, and then sponge again with clean water to remove the soap. Mold spores can hide within the carpet fibers, so scrub the rug even if it appears clean after vacuuming.traditional area rug

6. You can also use baking soda for removing moisture from the rug. This will absorb moisture and reduce odors, but further efforts will be needed for the heavier mold. Sprinkle the affected area of the rug generously with a baking soda, leave it on overnight and then vacuum it up. The talc-free baby powder can also be used in place of baking soda.

7. Scrubbing the rug with white vinegar can kill the mold. But vinegar does not kill every mold species. The use of white vinegar helps to prevent stains on the rug. Apply it lightly with a spray bottle and scrub it in with a stiff brush. Blow dry the rug or air dry it in a well-ventilated area to avoid leaving moisture which can replenish the mold. Mixing vinegar with an equal part of methylated spirits can also help to kill the mold.

8. Dry your rug in the sun if possible. You can hang the rug over a sturdy clothesline. Exposing it to direct sunlight for 24-48 hours will enable you to kill the mold spores and remove the moisture which encourages the growth of mold. If the rug is soaked through to the backing, not just the upper fibers, it may take much more time to dry. So leave the rug in the direct sun in an area having good ventilation for several days.

For non-movable carpets, make use of a heater, dehumidifier or high-powered fans. Do not allow your rug to remain damp, as this will allow the growth of new mold. Get the rug entirely dry before you walk away from the job.  

9. Using an anti-mold treatment can also be an effective option for getting rid of the mold. Anti-mold or antifungal sprays are available at most supermarkets and drug stores. Check the label for instructions and to ensure that the product is safe for use on rugs. Avoid using antifungal treatments which are designed for kitchen or bathroom cleaning as these can potentially discolor or damage the rug.

Products which include an encapsulate treatment or mold barrier are designed to leave a clear barrier on the rug fibers which helps to prevent future mold growth. This is recommended for the rugs kept in humid conditions.   

A mixture of bleach and water can be used in place of a commercial solution. You should mix half a cup of bleach with a gallon of water. If you want to use color-safe bleach for preventing the growth of future mold, you should first test it on the corner of your rug to ensure it will not cause discoloration.

10. You can also try a rug cleaning product. The rug cleaning products which contain deodorizers will remove the mildew smell and fight the mold itself. You have to act as per the instructions given on a product label as the products can vary.

11. You can rent a steam cleaner for removing the persistent mold. Specialized steam cleaning vacuums are available for rent for homeowners, so you can use them for getting rid of persistent mold. Drying the rug quickly afterward is important otherwise, the water used in this method will remain on the rug and encourage the growth of new mold. Use a blow dryer or place the rug in direct sunlight and blow a fan over it.

traditional area rug


Do not attempt to steam clean your rug without a specialized machine. Applying hot water or steam can easily shrink or damage your rug if done in an incorrect manner.        

If you are unable to remove the mold from your rug on your own spite making the best efforts, then you should opt for professional rug cleaners. They have access to specialized machines and chemicals, so they can effectively get rid of the mold from your rug. 

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