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Home Office Rug Inspirations

Chances are, you've been spending quite a bit of time lately in the home office. So we rounded up our favorite home office decorating ideas and paired them with perfect rug choices. Enjoy!

Sleek and sexy, this office decor invites you to focus. Shades of black and grey decor and wall color give you opportunities for stunning color pop. gold accents and a gorgeous red carpet provide the pop. We suggest a Hamedan rug type,  since you'll easily find these in deep dark reds, blues, and blacks. The design tends to be classic allover patterns with a border, which work nicely for an office setting.

Ohh, we just love our Oushak Chobi collection,  so when we saw this office setup, we just had to show it to you. If you're exploring a minimalist or nordic theme for your office, then we recommend an Oushak Chobi. These beauties tend to come in faded and muted colors, yet show gorgeous floral and motif detail up close. You'll notice a lot of whites, off-whites, peaches, pinks, and greys. This rug won't give you color pop. Instead, it will elevate your furniture and decor, by bringing it all together.


We love a tribal Joshegahn rug in this creative nook. Sometimes spelled Joshagahn, these rugs are known for their enduring history. True Joshegahn rugs come from one of the oldest rug-weaving regions in Iran. However, we have found gorgeous Joshegahns made in India now too. These are great rug types for creative spaces. If your home office is lacking in inspiration, a Tribal rug  is a quick and easy fix. You'll find intricate details and coloring between angles and fantastic borders, perfect for the wandering imagination!

Parisian apartment office for the black and white angles that play with the accent shelf. But we had our eyes on the rug! The Moroccan  style and it's a no-brainer if you're looking for black & white abstract lines. Often these rugs will have a high pile (like a shag rug), that adds texture to your space. You might also love a grass pattern  here, and you'll find more color variety if you go that route.


So if you are going to pull this off, you're going to also need a complimentary option for your floor. Enter, the Persian Nain or Indo-Nain collection. These rugs have intricate pattern details, usually centering on a medallion and decorated with a simple border. The Nain pattern doesn't take over the room. It doesn't steal the show, but it holds its own. This is the perfect compliment for a bold decor item in your home office.


Fresh lavender and rustic vases mix with farmhouse throw pillows, and a shabby chic desk & chair set. What better to bring it all together than a vintage rug! You might try vintage or antique, but don't be afraid to check out a faded style like "antique distressed." We recommend a Tabriz rug type here. It's easy to find Persian Tabriz rugs in various conditions and faded styles. Plus they are super versatile and come in many colors.


You can also check out our Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Right Rug For Every Room. You'll find industry-standard recommendations for where and how to place a rug in your home office or office-office. We also help you determine the correct rug size, which can be a challenge when negotiating the nooks and crannies of the home office. Sometimes - and we know this from personal experience - your rug is the only thing that defines your home office space... we get it! And if you get stuck, just give us a call. We're online, but we're brick-and-mortar too! Our staff is friendly and happy to assist you in finding the perfect rug - in person, on the phone, via email, or just about any other method.

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