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Complete Guide: What is Heriz rug?

Heriz Rugs are one of the most famous rugs, not only because of their great visual appeal but also due to their durable and hard-wearing qualities. Indeed, they are the toughest rugs you can find in the market.  

The finest attribute of these rugs doesn't limit to their durability, as surprisingly, they are very soft to the touch. Specialists consider Heriz rugs   as a perfect mix of strength and delicacy at the same time.   

The designs of Vintage Heriz rugs are unique and beautiful. On close inspection, one can notice their patterns are tribal and seem to structurally adapt as per different Tabriz designs. The color scheme of Heriz rugs is bold and eye-catching, and as the rug ages, the colors only get richer, increasing its value . Antique Heriz rugs are costly and hold much appreciation in the rug market.  


Origin and History of Heriz rugs  

As we all know, Iran is prominent for rug weaving and manufacturing, all around the world. Both men and women in the area are naturally gifted and skilled at weaving these beautiful pieces by hand. Even to this time, Rug weaving is the basic source of income for these families. These weavers sell their work to local merchants, which further market the Rugs worldwide.   

The Turkish regions like Bakhshaish, Ardabil, Gharadjeh, Shahsavan, Goravan, Sarab, Mehriban, and Heriz are the primary hubs for rug weaving practices.   

The pattern of the Heriz rug design (also known as Heris, Herez, or Haris) originated from a town in northwest Iran called Azerbaijan . Basically, these Persian Heriz Rugs   are woven in more than 30 villages, other than the central Heriz town. These woven rugs are acknowledged by names like Serapi, Bakshaish, Gorevan, Mehraban, Heriz itself, and much more. These names given to the rugs don't strictly describe the area or location of the weavers made them.   

Over the last 200 years, these Persian hand-knotted Heriz rugs are the top choice of Western rug enthusiasts and Europeans. These are pretty famous among designers due to their geometric patterns and earth-tone colors. The fine Heriz rugs 8x10 are a pleasant choice for the living room and dining room as well.   

Knotted rugs are built to last and make a statement in any room, just like the iconic Persian carpet. These pieces carry a rich history and tradition, like the famous Heriz rug or the delicate Serapi carpets. Invest in a piece that not only adds beauty to your space but also becomes a timeless piece with a legacy 

How to identify a Heriz rug?  

The listed characteristics of Vintage Heriz Rugs can easily help you spot one:  



Heriz Rugs are the most popular choice among Europeans and Americans due to their vegetable dyes and signature blush-red color. These days the Semi Antique Rusty Red Floral 7X10 Goravan Heriz Persian Rugs   have tremendous demand in the market.   

The Heriz rugs are made from natural dyes, basically, plants and roots are utilized for coloring purposes. In Azerbaijan, they've got tons of plants, veggies, seeds, and roots that they use to dye the wool for their rugs . Sari-chichak, Zelir, and Tolookh Guli flowers are used for blue colors, whereas roots are for brown color. Similarly, deep brown, dark navy, and red colors are extracted from the roots of Madder.   

If you wonder, What colors does Heriz's design come in? Then, let us tell you, unlike other Persian rugs, there isn't much diversity in 11x15 Heriz Persian rugs. You can easily match and use them as per the color combination used in your home decor. Because of that, designers find these Rugs to be the easiest to work with.   

In order to provide some variation, the Heriz rug 9x12 has evolved a lot as per the western fashion taste. Now, Persians use different sulfates to create more colors, which they use in their rugs.   


Fabric and Knots  

These Heriz Rugs have a wool pile and fine cotton as a base. Size varying like 3×5, 4×6, 4×7, 6×9, 7×8, 7×10, and 10X13 Heriz Persian Rug are the most commonly found in Rug shops. However, hand-knotted rugs are smaller or larger than the standard size dimensions just mentioned, for example, Persian Heriz rugs 10x27.   



Heriz Rugs are mostly found in square   and rectangular shapes, instead of odd shapes like oval, round, etc. You can easily spot the Vintage Cream 8X11 Heriz Persian Rug with a geometric design and a central medallion.   

To be brief, Medallion designing is a lot in itself! The medallion isn't always as obvious to locate from the rest of the pattern. However, sometimes it is recognizable when separated with contrasting colors from the background of the Rug.   

Designs are also not always symmetrical! For example, 8X12 Goravan Heriz Persian Rugs have asymmetrical patterns. Basically, handmade Heriz Rugs usually don't have a particular design plan.  

However, the weavers always keep an approach in their minds before laying their artistic work in these rugs. And let's not forget, the weavers add their own creative touch during the weaving process, making each rug truly unique and one-of-a-kind.  


What size Heriz Rug should I buy? How to place them?  

The Heriz Rugs are usually found in big sizes, primarily two to four meters on each side. A Vintage Beige Floral 13X19 Heriz Sultanabad Persian Rug is perfect for a hall or a spacious living room.   

Everyone knows Heriz Rugs are built to last, but did you know they're also great at reducing noise? . This attribute makes them suitable for rooms where you want to create a peaceful ambiance, such as study rooms. They are also efficient for spaces that handle heavy crowds, like entrance areas or big halls.   

Heriz rugs are big and beautiful, so they're sure to become the centerpiece of any room they're in. That's why it's a good idea to start with a Heriz rug like the Ivory Floral Geometric 8X10 and then decorate the rest of the room around it. These rugs are easy to match with other pieces of home decor, especially with wooden tones. They also pair well with different materials like marble, stone, wood, and metals like iron, brass, and steel.  


What is the difference between Heriz & Serapi Rugs?  

Both Heriz and      Serapi Rugs         are known for their great finishing and traditional designs, but Serapi rugs have a finer weave and are more intricate. On the other hand, Heriz rugs have a coarser weave.  

Serapi Rugs are known for their high KPSI (knots per square inch) and have a finer weave compared to Heriz rugs, which have a knot range of 30-100 KPSI on the low end  

The weaving pattern of Heriz rugs is coarser with more angular and compact detailing. In contrast, Serapi Rugs have finer and more spacious weaving designs.   

When it comes to color, Heriz rugs are known for their bold hues, while Serapi rugs are more understated in both color and design. If you are looking for good quality Heriz or Serapi Rugs, you must visit  Magicrugs.com . You can easily spot high-quality antique rugs of your desired color and designs at the most affordable prices.         

Looking for a statement piece to liven up your space? Check out MagicRugs' collection of vintage Persian and antique Heriz rugs! With intricate patterns and bold colors, these rugs will be the focal point of any room. Not only are they a great investment, but they're also eco-friendly and free shipping to your zip code.   

You can even see the detailed description of each rug and its knots per square inch. And if for any reason you're not happy with your purchase, MagicRugs offers a 30-day return policy. Whether you're looking for a cozy area rug for your living room or a palace size one for your dining room, MagicRugs has the perfect Heriz rug or oriental rug for you!