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9 Common Mistakes When Placing Oriental Rugs

9 Useful Tips for Avoiding Common Mistakes While Placing Handmade Oriental Rugs  


Handmade Persian Rugs

You have the freedom to place a handmade Persian rug in your home in any way you like. But you do not know that by placing a rug in a careless manner, you are hindering it from telling its story. Here are some useful tips that will help you avoid the common mistake of keeping a rug shabbily and guide you to place it in a proper and graceful manner at your home.

1. Isolating rug  

It is a never-ending debate whether to keep the furniture legs on the Persian rug or off it. There is no certain rule for this. But one thing which is worth mentioning here is that large handmade Persian rugs which can cover most of the room with all the furniture placed on them provide an eye-pleasing sight. It gives visitors and guests the feeling that the homeowner did not economize on getting a suitable rug that matches the scale, proportion, and harmony of his room. It is better to have no rug at all than to have a rug that is too small in size as it can make the room look cheap.

2. Covering beautiful flooring  

Placing rugs everywhere in the house will certainly enhance the luxurious feel but people should know which type of flooring to cover with  handmade Persian rugs   and what kind of flooring to leave uncovered for making the beauty of their floors noticeable. It is okay to cover the pathways made of vinyl with a rug, but people should avoid covering the beautiful hardwood pathway flooring with a rug. As an alternative, they should give a thought to adding a continuous narrow Persian tribal runner rug to exhibit their aesthetically appealing hardwood flooring and get all the comforts offered by it.


Handmade Persian Rugs

3. Placing similar-sized rugs together  

People may feel that by keeping two rugs of the same size they can create a beautiful layered look. But the reality is two similar-sized rugs kept in the same place will cut their room into half its original size, making it look visually smaller. Always consider layers of rugs of two different sizes. Though their colors and patterns can be similar, their size should never be the same. If owners still insist on using rugs of the same size, they should place one rug diagonal to the other. Though this will help to create a sophisticated look, it will result in a visual size imbalance.


4. Using an area rug on the carpet  

On shifting to a new house whose entire flooring has been covered by brown carpeting, people may want to add colorful handmade Persian rugs to break the brown color monotony. But placing the rugs on the carpets will result in excess of goodness or make them look too tacky. They can avoid this by adding a faint distraction to the rugs lying on their carpet. They should use a rug diagonally to make an abstract pattern on the carpet and place piano, antique clock or table on the rug as a focal point instead of placing the usual furniture on it. This will make their furniture look exceptional.    


handmade Persian Rugs rug pad 5. Not opting for rug pads  

One common mistake that homeowners make while placing a rug is that they do not use the right pad as per the type of their floor or do not use a rug pad at all. A rug pad is useful for their feet, flooring and carpet . Pads enhance the cushiony softness offered by the rugs. They protect their flooring by avoiding rug dye transfer. Also, pads increase the durability of their rugs. If rug pads are not used, the fine fibers of a rug can get crushed between the feet and the hard flooring underneath. These also help to prevent slipping of the rugs.


6. Floor break-up    

Using large handmade Persian rugs for floor break-up in the common areas like the dining room, living room, hallway and kitchen will hide a major portion of their beautiful flooring. So people should use large Persian area rugs only for the two main common areas of their room which are the dining and living areas, as this will help them exhibit just the right amount of floor in these two high-traffic areas of their home. 


handmade Persian Rugs 7. Using contrasting colors in the open floor plan  

Homeowners should use those handmade Persian rugs that have a single color palette for defining space in an open-concept room. If they go for different colors, their interiors will look like a cluster of colorful circus tents. Pick rugs that are not similar. You should go for rugs that have a single color scheme so this will make your home look congruous. In contrast, haywire rug colors will give an unanchored feel to an open floor plan. Homeowners can go for rugs that have different design patterns and sizes, but they should persist with one color scheme in their rugs instead of going for rugs that have contrasting colors.


8. Large space and orderliness  

If their house has large spaces, people should avoid the orderly manner for decorating their floors with rugs. With a simple change in the pattern of placing a rug, they can make their room look more stylish and keep their space fuller. If they place an angular rug in a traditional manner in a large space, this will leave most of the area bare. So they should give a thought to placing the rug diagonally. This will occupy most of their space and make the guests take notice of their tasteful approach in interior décor.


Handmade Persian Rugs

9. Keeping rugs too close to the fireplace  

People may want to enjoy the natural glow of a fire while keeping their feet in the ultimate softness of their rug. Though this may seem to be a pleasing sight, such an arrangement has got some risks. A breathtakingly beautiful handmade Persian rug kept close to a fireplace that has no fire screen can catch fire from the embers shooting from the fireplace. This will not only cause expensive loss to the homeowner   but will also put his personal safety at risk. For this reason, people should never keep their rugs in the close vicinity of an open fireplace.

We hope these tips will help you avoid the mistake of keeping your rugs shoddily and enable you to keep them in a proper and graceful manner for enhancing your home’s beauty.

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