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Magic Rugs 12 Days Of Christmas - Nain Central Iran




The 12 Days of Christmas (Oriental Rugs Edition)

Nain, Central Iran


The 12 Days of Christmas, Oriental Rugs Edition is all about introducing you to authentic Oriental rugs, and where they come from. We’re touring our favorite places in the world, and we’ll visit a new city each day. By the end of the 12 Days of Christmas, you’ll be the smartest cookie at the holiday party, talkin’ all about fine vintage rugs. Let’s go!

affordable handmade Persian rugs

Nain rugs are considered to be some of the highest-quality rugs available today. Nain is relatively new to the carpet-weaving industry … meaning Nain rugs have been on the market for only about 100 years or so. However, the rugs quickly gained popularity for their high-quality materials and craftsmanship.

affordable handmade Persian rugs

A Sheer Like No Other

Carpet weavers in Nain normally work with much thinner wool on unique wooden looms. It takes months to create just one rug, but the end result is an incredible sheer you’ll find on no other style rug. The incredible number of work hours required for each and every rug plus the relatively small production capacity in Nain itself makes these rugs more valuable.

affordable handmade Persian rugs

How To Identify A Rug From Nain

You may find Nain-style rugs originating from other cities in Iran, but the very best will come only from Nain. The style has some tell-tale characteristics. For example, Nain rugs have natural cream colors and use natural dyes, to make intricate detailed floral patterns. Also, every Nain rug holds a spectacular medallion in the center that takes your breath away! If you’re looking for a classic and highly valuable piece, a rug from Nain is the one to go for.


So next time, you’re talkin’ fine vintage rugs

Look for a Nain rug, a style rich in history and overflowing with tradition!



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