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What are the "Light" and "Dark" Sides of a Handmade Rug?

Every handmade rug has a lighter side and a darker side. Among rug gurus, we call this "the pile" and "the nap." Practically speaking, though, it means you will notice a difference in the color of your rug, depending on where you are standing and how you are looking at it. This effect begins with the construction of the rug itself.


8 Tips to Remove Pet Hair and Stains From Handmade Rugs

It happens.  The second you turn your back, your pet decides to relieve himself on that precious rug of yours. You clean it and scrub it, but sometimes the smell – and sometimes the pet stain – won’t budge. So what do you do?


Best way to clean indoor and outdoor rugs

Cleaning rugs - both indoor and outdoor - is really not all that hard if you do it regularly and know what tools to use. It’s definitely important to invest in high-quality cleaning tools, but the main things needed to clean a rug, other than a vacuum cleaner and mop, are mainly products such as rug specialized shampoo...


12 Days Of Christmas - Hamadan City

Hamadan rugs are produced in and around Hamadan, Iran. Sarouk designs are the most popular designs classified within the Hamadan rug weaving tradition. If you’re looking for the very best quality Hamadan rug, you’ll want to ask for one from Kasvin village, as these are considered superior to all other Hamadans.


Create Appealing Rooms When Choosing Matching Rug Colors

As it holds a great deal of potential in creating an appealing room ambiance, choosing a perfect rug is very crucial. Along with the material, size, style, pattern, and shape, the color of the rug is significant to evaluate before purchasing one.


Where to get area rugs?

Having all of these options makes it difficult to decide which is the right place to make your purchase! You don’t know which are the right places, which have authentic and high-quality rugs for you, which of them offer discount area rugs that will last years on your home, or that will look exactly as in their description.


Amazing Ideas To Decorate Boho Style

Boho or Bohemian decorating is for those people who want their homes to look full of life and culture and place their space with captivating items for the whole world to see. This aesthetic goes against modern sensibilities and embraces the relaxed, the carefree, and the unusual.


How Can I Know if I Own a Handmade Rug?

In the age of mass production, uniqueness has taken a back seat to convenience and profitability. It’s getting more difficult to find that personalized touch that’s only possible with a fine, handcrafted rug. However, difficult doesn’t mean impossible.


Best Rugs for this Winter

Winter is approaching rapidly, and you have the important task of keeping your loved ones safe, healthy, and comfortable. The best solution for all three is a rug. This piece of decor is miraculous, and it provides much more benefits than beauty to your home.


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