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5 tips for choosing the best rug for your home office

If you’re working from home, it can be tough to stay productive and focused when there are household chores to be done. But there is a solution! Having an area rug in your office space is a great way to designate a separate, more personal space for work. It will look good, feel good, and keep you on your toes.

Do you feel like your office space is lacking a certain defining factor? Well, it's time to get rug shopping! Rugs add a touch of personality to any room, and they are the perfect addition to your home office, there are many benefits to including one in your working spaces

This blog post will help walk you along with the reasons why you should include a rug in your home office and will provide you with some tips for you to create the perfect home office space for pursuing your goals.


5 tips for choosing the best rug for your home office

The current global situation has changed all tendencies in interior design trends. These trends have gone towards the inclusion of a comfortable home office. This room has begun to be a very important area of the house, beating former important rooms such as the bedroom or even the living room, and no wonder;  after all, this is the ideal place in which you set up your own business. 

A home office is a compulsory space in a house, for allows people to separate professional duties from their personal life. That is why these days many people are trying to find any way they can to maintain that balance in their household. 


Home office style trends and… rugs?!

Regarding style, the most popular and trendy home office decor style today is Scandinavian, as it is known for having a simple, straight, and clean look. With its light oak or simple metal in a neutral color and its ultra-contemporary designs, it works as the perfect setting for a beautiful area rug for the home office. 

Yes, contrary to popular belief, rugs can work as more than a mere centerpiece for the living room, they can be placed in an infinity of spots around the house, such as the living room, or the dining room, and are known for bringing  many benefits to workspaces and home offices:


Rugs work dividing spaces:  

One of the reasons home offices are made is to delimit the spaces in which work is done and the rest of daily life happens. A rug, for instance, an area rug for a desk, can enhance this function by creating an actual space division without the need of building a wall or putting up a curtain.


Rugs create stability:   

 The presence of a piece of decor placed immobile on the floor produces a feeling of stability and can actually work for the benefit of the home office users’ state of mind. They might feel overwhelmed by the stressful tasks of everyday work life. A small rug for the office placed under the desk anchors the whole space and brings a sense of calm to those who see it.


Rugs render the home office a welcoming place    

The coziness a rug can evoke is unparalleled; in matters of turning a room into an attractive space, rugs are surely the best, a rug for under the desk chair can make people excited about actually sitting down on it every morning. 


Office area rugs ideas 

Now that you have decided to accept a rug into your working spaces, there is now a discussion on which is the right area rug to best compliment your spaces. 

All we want is to make our home office as inviting as possible. We perfectly understand it is that special and important room you must go to take care of all the most pressing tasks and responsibilities away from the distractions of everyday life. 

What better way to set up your home office than with a rug that complements your décor, gives you a nicely divided space to put your feet on, and is both durable and attractive enough? A rug that doesn't detract from the rest of your impeccable work environment.


What to choose? 

Picking out the perfect rug for your home office isn't always an easy task; with all the different textures, styles, and materials, it can be hard to choose the best rug for your home office. So, here's a guide to help you choose the best rug for your home office.


Rug materials for the home office   

Every single rug has its own durability, texture, pattern, and shape. Therefore, it is important that you know what material you choose. For home offices, jute and sisal rugs tend to be the most resistant and durable ones.

Jute Reversible 5X7 Braided Style Modern Rug

Rug colors to match your home office   

What color to choose? You can't really go wrong with any color. However, it might be interesting to know that solid rugs in navy blue and gray colors are the most popular men's office rugs. On the other hand, women’s office rugs tend to be more taken care of in regard to patterns and colors, a modern, geometric pattern seems to be in trend, for they generate the effect of tidiness and order in the room.


Rug size for home office   

There are several tips on how to choose the right rug for your home office room size.

1) Measure the size of the area (width and length) in which you intend to place your rug. 

2) Estimate how much space you have on either side of this area for walking room and furniture placement. 

3) Choose a rug size that is a bit smaller than the area in which you intend to place it. We recommend at least 3 inches on each side for the walking room and another 2-4 inches for furniture placement.


Best office rugs

It might be a difficult task to find the best office rugs to complement your spaces. You may find yourself lost attending several stores, both physical and online to find what you are looking for, but rest assured, Magic Rugs has the best rugs to place in your working spaces. We have curated a collection of rugs that match perfectly with your home office!