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Modern Meets Traditional: How Tribal Pattern Rugs are Perfect for Your Home

Did you know that rugs also improve indoor air quality in your house and extend the life of your carpet? Rugs are usually utilized as a floor covering based on how they look and feel. They play a significant role in our home's interior design, especially in homes with a lot of hard flooring.  

For those who walk, sit, and occasionally lie on rugs, they provide warmth and comfort as well as a sense of brightness to the space. They shield the carpet from traffic, spills, and abrasive soils when they are placed on top of the carpet, slowing down wear and safeguarding your carpet. After all, replacing a rug is considerably simpler than doing the same with all the carpets in the house. And nowadays there is the latest trend in rugs which is  Modern Tribal Rugs !  


What are Tribal Rugs?  

The term "tribal rugs" refers to carpets manufactured by nomadic tribes in various nations that are beautiful and expertly hand knotted. Tribal rugs have a symbolic value by representing diverse civilizations and a multi-dimensional art style that characterizes the creativity of rug creation. These tribal rugs have a variety of designs and typically show the beauty in their most basic forms.  Vintage tribal rugs   are a great substitute for both traditional and transitional rugs and make good flooring for homes with kids, and families.   


Do Modern Homes Accept Tribal Rugs?  

When it comes to decorating a modern home, adding a touch of tribal style can make all the difference. A large tribal rug is the perfect way to make a bold statement in your living room. Not only does it bring a unique sense of style, but it also provides comfort underfoot. To create a cohesive look in your home, consider opting for a tribal wool rug in a size of 8x10, which will fit perfectly in most living rooms. If you're looking for a more narrow option, a tribal rug runner is an excellent choice for adding style to your dining room or entryway. If you want to bring an exotic touch to your home, consider a tribal Persian rug, which will add a touch of sophistication to any room. For larger spaces like a dining room, a 9x12 tribal rug can be the perfect choice to anchor the room. An entryway rug in a 4x8 size will add a warm welcome to your home, while a stair runner rug and long hallway runner rug can add both style and functionality. With so many options, it's easy to decorate your modern home with a tribal rug that fits your unique style and needs. 


The distinctive designs and colors of tribal rugs are well known and are their specialty. Every distinctive rug tells a cultural and historical tale.   Traditional rugs      include tribal rugs as a subcategory. The idea that traditional tribal rugs cannot be used in modern environments is untrue!! In fact, a lot of the leading interior designers are incorporating tribal rugs into colonial, French, contemporary, and Mediterranean-styled homes.   

The Tribal wool rug 8*10 is an ideal choice for decorating your indoor space. It fits the interior design concept very well! And on other hand, the   colorful tribal rug      5x7 is the perfect pick for spaces with quite a plain furniture and furnishings.   

Exactly How Are Tribal Rugs Made?  

Camel or goat wool is occasionally used by weavers. They create tribal-style carpets using the same knotting method that people used to, despite the fact that other researchers have found no evidence of these knotted horse-hair rugs ever being in the archaeological record.  

When the tribal rug was first made is a highly elusive question. It might have happened before or during the time when people were nomads. The "knotted pile" strategy, which was prevalent while tribes were traveling between cities and nations, is supported by historical evidence.  

There are many different designs for tribal-style rugs, and these days you can easily find tribal rugs for sale .  


Now let’s know how tribal rugs are special in terms of colors and patterns:    


Tribal rugs' distinctive hand-woven patterns make their one-of-a-kind works of art for your house.  Tribal pattern rugs are typically created using a variety of permutations and color combinations. While incorporating distinctive and individual improvisations into the designs, the tribal weavers were able to recall the patterns. In general, these patterns have a strong geometrical element.  

These tribal rug designs have had a big impact on many modern carpet designs. The growth in popularity of geometric and diamond-patterned rugs is evidence of this. The popularity of tribal rugs has endured for a long time, demonstrating how it is a classic design that fits in well with contemporary decor. giving you a show-stopping item that will endure cycling trends and become a key element in your home's interior decor.  



Tribal carpets can be found in a variety of color schemes and are simple to incorporate into a room's color plan or offer an eye-catching splash of color. The way a person feels in a room can be affected by color, which can serve to evoke specific feelings in a space. In a pink room, for example, you might feel pumped up and thrilled, whereas in a white room, you might feel tranquil and at ease. You can reinforce the mood you want to evoke in a space by using a tribal rug like a  Black and white tribal rug .  

Whatever the color scheme of your room warm or cool there is a tribal rug pattern for you. You can add some color to your decor by using colorful tribal rugs.    

Various Styles of Tribal Rugs  

Symbols and conventional geometric patterns are the main features of vintage tribal rugs. The carpets manage to stand out in any context because of their enthrallingly compelling bright, bold, vivid colors. Below are some of the amazing tribal rug designs:  

  • Bakhtiar Rugs: Highly trained tribesmen who have dedicated their entire lives to carpet weaving produce Bakhtiar tribal rugs. This is one of the most beautiful type of tribal rug.  
  • Baluchi Rugs: Baluchi rugs, another well-liked tribal rug variety, were originally produced in the Baluchistan province of Pakistan and the nearby villages that border Afghanistan and Pakistan. These are rugs created by Baluchi tribesmen, and like many other Baluchi handicrafts, they have hues of red, brown, and blue.  
  • Gabbeh Rugs: These handmade tribal carpets are well-liked for their distinctive designs and symbolic motifs that set them apart from other tribal rugs for sale. A Gabbeh rug's design patterns are asymmetrical rather than symmetrical, unlike those of most handwoven carpets. Instead, the rug has animal shapes dispersed randomly across its surface.  
  • Mashwani Rugs: Mashwani rugs are a kind of tribal carpet that can instantly transform any décor. The carpets feature a busy pattern with a lot of lines and geometric designs in them. They are made by tribesmen and artisans from the central Asian region.  
  • Bokhara Rugs: The Bokhara carpets, which are huge area rugs of the common style that are noted for their ability to fit in with all décor types and themes, may add a sense of grandeur to any room. The simplest and trendiest way to instantly improve your complete décor is by adding a handmade Bokhara rug to your interiors.  
  • Khal Mohammadi Rugs: Like all other conventional tribal rugs, the Khal Mohammadi rugs are equally vivid and bold. Red, blue, and beige are the three most prevalent shades for Khal Mohammadi carpets.  

As you can see, rugs have a lot more to them than you might think. Rugs have many more advantages that enhance your space's comfort and coziness in addition to their aesthetic appeal. To make your home feel harmonic and coherent, choose a tribal pattern rug wisely.  

If you're looking for a way to add some character to your modern home, consider incorporating a tribal rug. Persian rugs are a great place to start, and with our 30 day return policy, you can add one to your cart with confidence. When choosing your rug size, keep in mind that a stair runner or hallway runner can make a big impact, especially in a smaller space. If you're looking for quality, consider one of our 100% wool rugs, which are both durable and beautiful. If you're drawn to antique rugs, an antique tribal rug can add a touch of history to your home. We carry a variety of rugs produced using traditional methods, including area rugs 9x12, carpet runners, and rug 8x10 options. Oriental rugs are another popular choice for those looking to add some cultural flair to their decor. With free shipping, there's never been a better time to add a rug to your modern home.