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Is my Oriental rug authentic?

Oriental or handmade Persian area rugs are the latest trends in chic room decor. The last thing you want is to bring home a gorgeous "Oriental" rug only to find out it's really just an imitation. But don't worry! We have a helpful guide for you to use when you're searching for that special piece. 

        1. Check out that backside! Always turn the rug over and take a good look at the underside . There are a few telltale signs that you will be able to see. 
        2. Authentic Oriental rugs are hand-knotted . To check this, flip the rug over; if the underside looks like a faded copy of the pattern on the top side, then there's a good chance that it is hand-knotted. You should be able to see each individual knot. Also, it is absolutely OK if the knots don't look uniform; in fact, that's a great sign. If the underside looks a little too smooth or perfect, then chances are it has been woven by a machine. 
        3. On the same token, if the rug has plastic stuck to the bottom, it is not authentic. While you're looking at the underside, check for a tag or a sticker that has the rug's details printed on it. Look to see where the rug was made. You will want one produced in Afghanistan, India, Iran, Pakistan, or to a lesser degree, Turkey or Tibet. Avoid rugs manufactured in North or South America or Western Europe. 
        4. In terms of materials used, it is au natural all the way - try to get one that is 100% wool, but ones that have other natural fibers woven in with the cotton will be fine too. Do not go for anything that is made with synthetic fibers - these are NOT real Oriental rugs! The tag will also say whether the rug is hand-knotted or not. If it does not say "hand-knotted", don't buy it. NOTE: " handmade" is NOT the same as "hand-knotted"! 
        5. Also, don't forget to check the tag for the rug's knot count. Knot count works like linen, the higher the number of knots, the higher the quality and, therefore, the price. The more knots it has, the softer and more luxurious the rug will be. 
        6. Natural bangs. A true Oriental rug will have a natural fringe that is a byproduct of the rug-making process. Take another look at the underside of the rug. Are you able to follow each thread along to the end of the fringe? If yes, then it is definitely a hand-knotted rug. A machine-woven rug will have the fringe sewn into the edge of the rug for aesthetics rather than as a natural byproduct. 
        7. Don't be afraid to ask the experts. Talk to the rug dealer about the quality of the rug. If they are reputable dealers, they should be able to tell you all the information you need. 
        8. Avoid flash sales and amazing bargains. If the price is too good to be true, it probably is! Some of these stores are not getting rid of their good quality stock, they are palming off their fakes in the hopes that you won't know any better. But now you do! So go ahead and search our website for perfect affordable Oriental rugs for your home that is guaranteed to be authentic or you can have your money back.
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