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How often should you replace your area rugs?

How often should you replace your area rugs?

Area rugs are an integral element of your home décor, whether you depend on them for an extra layer of cozy warmth on cold winter days or use them to make your favorite reading nook feel even more inviting. Your favorite rugs have accompanied your home and your room for many years, and you and your family might have already gotten used to their presence in your household. 

For these reasons, it may be difficult to know and accept when it is time to replace your current rug. However, there are some clear signs that indicate a rug needs to be discarded and replaced with a new one. That is why in this article, we will discuss which signs are there to tell you your rug needs to be thrown out and replaced by a new one.

With these 4 signs your area rug needs replacing, you will know when is the right time.


solid rugs

Every household can benefit from having an area rug. And antique rugs   provide a special charm no other kind of new or modern rug   could compare to. And although there is no specific measure of time for which you should keep your rug, if it has been stained, ripped, or looks otherwise worn-out and old-fashioned, it may be time to seek some new options.

To help you know when is the right time to let go of your vintage area rug   and purchase a new area rug for your house, this article compiles a list of the four most common signs that an old piece of furniture may not suit your needs anymore.


Maintenance & Lifespan

Area rugs can equate to a lot of foot traffic on the surface of your rooms, which can be a major problem, endangering their lifespan. Furthermore, Rugs in homes often come in contact with all sorts of things that can damage them, including children and pets. And of course, there are many options one could take when it comes to protecting your rug, such as providing regular maintenance to it.

Although it is smart to consider that it is the maintenance or negligence with which one treats rugs that will either increase or decrease their lifespan, it is also important to know that a standard rug will not last 100 years; most manufacturers assert that after 10 years of use and being placed on high traffic areas, rugs will need a replacement. 


4 Signs Your Area Rug Needs Replacing


Rug fibers are worn out   

A new rug will have longer, softer fibers that are woven together with no emphasis on the edges. You can check this out by lifting the edges of the rug and seeing how thick it is; if it’s rather slim, you may want to look into getting a new rug. The wear and tear in the rug are becoming obvious, even if you cannot easily see it. 


Stains and Odors  

A revealing sign of the age of the rug is the presence of stains and odors it has. If you notice that the rug has yellowish, orange, or brownish stains, then discarding it for a new one might be the best idea. If the stain is the product of an incident, such as recent spilling or dirty footsteps, then chances are that it can be cleaned again via professional methods.

However, if the stains are the result of many years of spills, and are not washable in any way possible, then a replacement might be necessary as the permanent staining on your area rug is not only unpleasing aesthetically but also unhygienic. 

Furthermore, after many years, a rug will produce a pungent musty odor that renders a house a very unwelcoming space. This odor or many other funky smells, which can come from pets, smoke from the kitchen, the smell of food, or fungus from spilling, are definitely a sign of the rug needing to be tossed and replaced.


Torn Rugs  

Another sign that your area rug might be worn out and needs replacing is if it is torn or ripped. The chances are that this won't affect the overall look and feel of your home, but you might want to replace it with a new one to avoid any hassle.

Ripping happens when there has been a lot of foot traffic over your area rug, and the damages it causes may be very visible or not so much, so you must be aware of the state of your rug. If you notice this happening, then dispose of the old piece for a new one.


You have increased your allergy symptoms  

Over the years, dust, dirt, and even pollen can embed in your rug, and as time passes, your rug becomes older and worn, and it can be progressively more difficult to get these allergenic particles off its fibers. 

If you or any member of your family, even the visitors, experiment allergy symptoms, such as sneezing, coughing, or itchy eyes when entering the room your rug is placed in, it might be time to find a replacement for it. It could, of course, undergo a thorough cleaning, with special artifacts you could find on a specialized rug cleaner. However, it would not be a long time until it fills with these particles once more.


What to do when your rugs need to be replaced?   


If you experience one or more of these four signs, it's time to replace your rug. Alternatively, if you are looking for affordable yet authentic rugs for replacement, the Magic Rugs team can help! We provide a curated collection of the most beautiful high-quality rugs at a price that will be hard to beat in the market. 

When purchasing your new rug, you might want to favor rugs made in more resistant materials, so they will last longer, for instance, sisal rugs, jute rugs , or wool rugs   are perfect options regarding resistance. In that same stream of thought, real cowhide rugs   can last for a really long time, since they are made of cowhide, which is very resistant.

Authentic handmade rugs are a great replacement option, for they assure a perfectly woven piece, which will be harder to tear apart. These Oriental rugs   are a favorite in the world of curatorship, for not only do they have the beauty and elegance only Persian rugs   have, but they also live up to the durability standards of any homeowner. fill free to contact us.


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