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Best Size Rugs for Living Room

It can be difficult to find the perfect rug for your living room , considering it must be one of the most important spaces in your home. However, it is well worth the time and effort we invest in finding that perfect and unique living room rug. This blog post has compiled a list of some tips and tricks on how to find your next living room rug! We have also gathered some ideas on how to make sure it coordinates with the other colors in your room, so take a look if that's something you're interested in reading about! Not to mention there may be some illustrative pictures on how to match your living room rugs with the utmost elegance. We invite you to scroll all the way through. Keep reading below to learn about the best shapes, sizes, and colors for your living room rugs, and also, a tip on where to find them.


Best Size Rugs for Living Room

The living room is considered to be by far one of the most important spaces in a house; not only they are the most highly trafficked and visited room, but it is also the place where the family gatherings occur; it is truly the heart and the main core of anyone’s house, and it should be treated with as much delicacy as it deserves. 

Many living rooms are beautifully decorated, all the colors in the room merge together harmoniously and create an ambiance that attracts the inhabitants of the house to it. A rug is an addition to this decor that seems to have become compulsive to have a perfectly decorated living room. 


A Living Room Rug  

Some people have unique ideas for their living room rugs. Some prefer small rugs, and some like big ones. Some like narrow rugs and others like wide ones. There are many different ideas about the best size for a living room rug and what works best in different spaces, so you're going to need to keep some parameters into consideration. 



Rugs can be round, rectangular, or square. The three of them work differently in the rooms in which they are put. Round living room rugs, for instance, are destined to work better with round-shaped furniture, such as round tables or chandeliers, whereas rectangular and square ones work better with sharp-shaped furniture. 


Rectangular-shaped rugs For many people, the best size for a rectangular-shaped rug   is 4'x8', which is why this rug is one of the most popular choices with smaller spaces. Furthermore, they are also quite versatile in terms of color and pattern.


Round-shaped rugs some people prefer round   shapes as they don't take up as much floor space and so have a better presence in small spaces.


Square Shaped rug Of the three popular shapes, the square   is the one that best suits small spaces. For those homeowners who like to group their furniture according to shape rather than size, this rug will work perfectly even if it's four feet across!

living 2


Undoubtedly, the best option regarding colors for a living room rug is to match the colors that the living room already has; for instance, rooms with a mix of tanned and brown colors could work perfectly with red living room rugs, whereas living rooms in which creamy, bright colors, such as white or beige are predominant, blue living room rugs seem to be the best option.



Rug size can be measured in 3 ways – length, width, and the overall or "pile" height (not to be confused with the thickness).

Length is always measured from edge to edge across the rug, width is from the shortest point to the widest point. In square and round rugs, width and length are quite easily interchangeable terms. The pile height, nevertheless, can never be substituted for either of them.


What is the Best Size for my Living Room Rug?  

This parameter is a very significant part of the decor decisions of a living room and a home. Here, we have compiled a list of the most common rug sizes you will find available and in use today, as well as the four essentials to follow on what size to choose for your living room.

The most common rug sizes are 


The bigger a rug is, the more expensive it becomes, but here at magic rugs, you might very probably find the best and most beautiful living room rugs for sale.


How to Choose the Perfect Size for my Particular Living Room?     

There are four essential parameters regarding rug purchases for your living room:

  • The rug must be wider than your sofa on both sides 
  • There needs to be a distance of at least 20’’ for clearance space between the rug and your furniture 
  • Rugs are often placed in front of the sofa, horizontally
  • The bigger, the better: normally, living room rugs must be purchased in the largest sizes, so they don’t make your spaces feel disrupted. 


Where to Find the Best Living Room Rugs?  

It must be a hard task to find the perfect living room rug to compliment your private spaces but do not despair, for here at Magic rugs, we are ready to provide our clients with the widest catalog of living room rugs of the utmost quality. We kindly invite you to browse around our wide catalog and find a great variety of different styles and colors in a selection that would make any high-end home enviable. 

We have been around for years and have a large wallet of satisfied customers. We assure you that we can help to transform your living room into a beautiful, convivial space. Magic Rugs is one of the best places for anyone who is looking to give their private spaces that magic turn only rugs can offer.


You Are Now Ready to Purchase Your Own Living Room Rug  

After reading this article you should be more informed about the best size, shape, color, and patterns for a living room rug! Remember that these are just suggestions based on personal preferences and trends, so no two homes will build their spaces exactly the same way. We hope you found some great tips and that you're able to find those unique living room rugs to best embellish your home with us.