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From Contemporary to Traditional: Area Rugs to Enhance Your Red Couch

Red is indeed one of the boldest colors that one can pick. It delivers spirited, classic, and vibrant energy to the space wherever it is introduced. Where the dark red gives a fall or winter feel, its similar brighter shade gives the summer and spring touch.   

Choosing a red couch for your room is one good way to make a big splash. One can say red holds an endless caliber to change the mood and brighten up the energy of the room. Thus, a red couch stands as the focal point and can help you to set a vibrant tone.    

Getting a Red couch is a bold move but it comes with its own challenges. Designing the space around it and finding the right rug for it can be a little tricky as one can get confused with what color rug goes with a red couch. Read this blog till the end to know about the rugs that complement the Red couch.   


Blue Jute Tasseled Area Rug  

Handmade Jute Rugs   can be used with vintage red velvet sofas to set the mood warm and electric at the same time. You can place a 5x8 navy blue rug   made from jute fabric along with a red sofa in the living room. These jute area rugs are very relaxing and go well with hardwood floors.   

These Rugs provide warmth to the floor that matches well with the red tone of the couch. You can sit on them with your family to enjoy board games and get lost in endless talks while sipping on an evening cup of tea   

Washout Area Rug   

Washout appearance offers a rustic as well as modern look to a living room. A transitional 8x10 rug   matched with a red couch is ideal for a washout look for your room. Even oriental rugs   provide the same elegance as their washout appearance provides that contemporary vibe and the red couch delivers the modern tint, An usual example is placing an 8x12 grey rug or a muted Kazak rug in an entryway.  

A timeless balance can be achieved with such a move. Create a strong, bold effect with this combo in a setting with white furniture and black walls. Always insure that the room has good lighting otherwise the whole look would look dull and dark.   

Tip:  For a north-facing room, make sure to color the walls of your room white when using an Oriental rug and red couch combo or another amazing idea could be to place solid color Gabbeh rugs or 6x8 tribal rug to enforce the couch  

Floral Area Rugs  

Choosing a Floral area Rug   with a red sofa is like making a statement over an already existing bold statement. Not everyone can style a fierce red couch with a floral-designed rug, as you need to open for more creativity. Floral rugs come in different bright hues with soft flowers as well as enormous blooms. You can choose any design you like as per your preference.   

Experts suggest that a bold floral design rug brings more warmth and texture to its space and gives a homey feel. For that very reason, a 10x14 Ivory Nain rug   suits well and softens the look of a room with a red leather couch.  

Multicolored Area Rug Combination  

The red couch offers a retro vibe and provides fun as well as an artistic tone. You can highlight this ambiance by choosing a rug that delivers a similar style. Therefore, you can get a multicolored rug   and layer it over a plain Contemporary design 8x10 rug to offer that extra warmth you crave in your room.   

This combination suits very well in the living room which doesn't have much lightning. Not just this, but this multicolor rug combination with a red couch works well for dark walls rooms as well. To define the look, you can use wooden furniture to make your space feel more comfortable and relaxed.   

Persian style Area Rugs  

Persian rugs are well-known for their rich fabric and exquisite design that beautifully suit red couches. An antique Red Traditional 10X12 Mahal      Persian Rug   with gold and a neutral hue is a perfect option for a room with a red couch. A Persian rug will still look stunning even if you decide to change your interior pieces or even replace your red couch because these classic carpets complement nearly every décor style.  

Distressed Geometric Area Rug  

You can never go wrong with patterned rugs. Surprisingly, these go well with a red couch too. When pairing a muted 8X11 Distressed Persian Rug  or a 8x10 indo-heriz rug with a red couch, make sure the rug has the red color included. With this, the couch will surely match the rug and give a whole cohesive look to the room.   

The sleek look of the red couch is well supported by the faded look of a distressed geometric rug and creates a clear sitting space.  


Beige Rug  

Beige Rugs   are a nice option to get a soothing vibe in your space when paired with red furniture. It is a highly appreciated combination that brightens a room that has dark and dull walls and gives a more homely and cozy look. A beige neutral color 9x12 rug of wool material can be matched with an armchair of blood red color. To hype the whole appearance, you can add some plants and throw up some cozy blankets to make the space enjoyable.   

Rugs with Grey tones  

As we all know, Grey color pairs nicely with red. That's why when there is red furniture in the room, interior designers play well with gray color. For similar reasons, you can also choose an 8x12 gray rug   if you have an orange-red couch. Go with a dark charcoal gray rug if you have a bright red sofa, and to better pop up these colors, you can choose pale gray or white cushions to complement them well.   

However, pale gray tones match the jewel tones; therefore going with a pale gray area rug is ideal for a deep ruby-red couch.   


Red and Blue Rug  

If you are a huge fan of the Bohemian look, try styling red and blue colored rugs with your red area rug. A vintage 10x13 Kashmar rug   with red and blue colors will create a vivid look, and the red couch will provide a striking contrast to match up the messy decor. Use turquoise curtains in the room with this combination to make the space more lively and energetic.   

If you are looking for beautiful rugs to match your funky red couch, make sure to check out Magic rugs. We have a lot of variety when it comes to the design, color and style of rugs. Get good quality rugs at the most affordable price in the market.   


A high quality hand knotted rug is a perfect addition to any home decor. Made from 100% wool, this 10x13 area rug is both durable and luxurious. The Heriz rug style, also known as the Kashmar Persian, is renowned for its intricate design and intricate knotting techniques. 

Each rug is carefully hand knotted to ensure a long-lasting and beautiful product. And with free shipping, you can enjoy a new high quality rug in your home without the extra cost. Whether you're looking for a traditional style or a more modern look, a hand knotted wool rug is a great choice that will bring a touch of elegance to your space.