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101 Guide - the right rug for your bathroom

Bathroom Rugs   are a useful and practical addition to any bathroom. They provide comfort, warmth, and protection from slippery floors. Bathroom Rugs come in an endless array of styles, colors, sizes, and even materials. There is also a wide variety of interesting facts to learn about bathroom rugs that can be found across the internet.  

This blog post will answer many usual questions about bathrooms and make any worries seem like a thing of the past! Just read on for everything you need to know about this perfectly practical, yet often overlooked step in your home decorating process. You'll be well-informed for sure, and end up choosing the perfect rug faster than you can say "flip!".  


101 Guide - the right rug for your bathroom  

For a topic that's so important, it's easy to forget the basics and end up with a rug that does not accomplish its purpose. The first step in making your bathroom an aesthetically harmonious place and a site of retirement from daily life is choosing the right rug for your flooring. However, it seems that there are thousands of different styles, types, and sizes available. We are here to ensure that you're making the best decision with this 101 on bathroom rugs for finding the right rug for your bathroom!  

This article is going to cover all things you need to know before purchasing a rug in order to be confident in what you're buying and get home without regrets or wasted money.  


What size can bathroom rugs be?  

Plan out your space and then think about how many bathroom rugs you're going to be placing in there. A couple of large bathroom rugs can take up your whole bathroom space while others can be free-standing and placed at different places such as the entrance, around the bathtub, or even around the vanity. Placing a 2x3 oriental rug   placed in front of the entrance, or a  small vintage rug   right beside the bathtub can turn a common bathroom into a very luxurious, relaxing space.  

If you have a big bathroom, you might want to look for a larger area rug, 3x5 ,  or even more. Playing with the designs and patterns you can include is not only recommended but encouraged. Having a  tribal 4x6 bathroom rug   or a 6’ round pictorial rug   in the middle of the bathroom area can turn any space into a magical place. A round rug can offer more coverage without taking up too much space from where it is placed.  

Unfortunately, not all bathrooms have enough space for rug placement. Tight spaces may only allow for a few small or runner rugs. However, you must not be discouraged from this, for there are millions of beautiful decorative bathroom rugs to choose from.   


What is the difference between a bath mat and a bath rug?  

Bath mats tend to be thinner than bath rugs because they are meant to prevent slips and absorb moisture from people who are taking a shower, hence avoiding wet floors. They are usually made of fleece and right outside the shower, for its users to dry their feet on.   

Although interior designer rugs placed on the floor can also be used as bath mats, it is not their main purpose. They are meant to work mainly as a decorative element in the room. A rug in the bathroom can also be placed anywhere and not necessarily in front of the bathtub or shower.  


how to keep bathroom rugs from sliding?  

The last thing you'll want is to have your rug sliding across your bathroom and never be in the same spot twice.  

There are a couple of options to keep bathroom rugs from sliding around: First and foremost, there is the option to place it on top of a rug pad, which, as we have discussed before ,  provides your whole room with many benefits as it maintains safety issues to the minimum. The second option, which is also viable, is to use double-sided tape that's placed on the bottom of the rug.  


What is a bath runner?  

A bath runner is a long rug that's placed in strategic areas of the bathroom, both for the decoration results and your comfort. These are great for adding some life and color to your bathroom or even just completing a bathroom look that's in progress.  

Bath runners come in many colors so you are sure to find one that matches the scheme you already have. Furthermore, they are known to be very resistant and can endure the sometimes hostile environment of a bathroom. Runners are therefore great options for the bathroom. This brings us to our next question:  


What type of rug is best for the bathroom?  

The best type of rug for your bathroom depends on your priorities. Are you looking to have a rug that just looks great or one that will also be functional?  

Before you decide to buy a rug, you should ask yourself some questions first.   

  • The first question that needs to be asked is, "What kind of rug am I looking for?" This will help narrow the field down dramatically and make things easier for the buyer.   
    • If a person is looking for something decorative, such as an antique Persian rug ,  or a handmade rug for the bathroom, then perhaps the bath rug category is not exactly the best one to browse for your rug.  
  • A second question to be asked is how much money they want to spend on the rug.   
    • Depending on the kind of rug they decide to purchase, the prices are going to vary immensely.  
  • The final question is about the quality of the rug.   
    • If a person is going to use the rug for decoration only then it doesn't need to be very endurable. However, if a person thinks it might have to get wet, then they might want to look into rugs that are treated or waterproofed so they don't easily miss their qualities.     

Polyester is one of the most durable rugs available and if you're looking for something that'll last for years then this is what you want to look for. It's also easy to clean because it dries easily mold doesn't grow on it as much. If your bathroom is in an area where you could use another layer of protection then we highly recommend looking into getting a polyester rug as opposed to standard ones made from cotton.  


how to clean a bathroom rug?  

It is important to clean your bathroom rug regularly if you use yours as cushioning between your soles and cold porcelain tile flooring or marble entryway tiles. You can vacuum the rug weekly, paying special attention to corners, for it is there the mold grows. If you decided to wash it before, make sure you use products made especially for bathroom rugs in order to sanitize them and get rid of bacteria that may be present, such as mildew or mold.    

If your bathroom rug is frayed or appears dirty and needs cleaning, you should do it more regularly. Remember this rug helps absorb moisture that may leak from your shower or bathtub and keep it from getting on the floors, and it endures a moist environment. For those reasons, it has more propensity to grow mold or house bacteria.   


where to buy bathroom rugs?   

There are a lot of different types of bathroom rugs that can be used for several different purposes. But undoubtedly, the best place to find authentic, endurable affordable bathroom rugs is to go online and look for Magic Rugs.   

There may be local stores that sell good rugs in the area, but you will be surprised by all the variety we offer on our page. An immensely large collection of beautiful and enduring bathroom rugs online, at the tip of your fingers.