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Beige 4X6 Contemporary Rug

$570.38 $570.38

Cream Floral 8X10 Oushak Oriental Rug

$1,118.81 $1,118.81

Cream Floral Kirman 6X8 Oriental Rug

$1,196.55 $1,196.55

Red Geometric 8X10 Mamluk Oriental Rug

$1,279.13 $1,279.13

Light Gray 8X10 Contemporary Rug

$1,703.25 $1,703.25

Red Floral 8X10 Indo-Nain Oriental Rug

$2,165.85 $2,165.85


Rectangle Rugs

For most people, a rug is not just another piece of home décor. It's an essential part of the home that ties everything together. A rug should make people happy when they walk on it and bring a sense of warmth to the room. But what if you're stuck deciding between the rectangle and oval?

Rectangle rugs come in salvation. They are the perfect addition for rooms that have a lot of hard flooring floors like concrete or wood, where a grey rectangle rug can be the point of departure to achieve great home decor.

However, rectangle rugs could also be a perfect match for backyards, patios, and other natural environments you can definitely find a rectangle outdoor rug that does its job majestically.

Rectangle rugs are easy to move and clean with their lightweight design that can be easily rolled up for storage, a small rectangle rug could be placed in a place that needs constant cleaning, like the bathroom, the bedroom, or the living room, a rectangle rug under a round table in the middle makes a great match and is very easy to remove if needed.

We invite you to explore our browser and find out how rectangle rugs are the ideal option for your space! They come in many shapes and sizes, and we offer a very wide variety of rectangle rug sizes.

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