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Heriz Rugs

If you are looking for a high-quality rug that is both elegant and durable, look no further! Heriz rugs have been crafted with the finest materials and have been showcased in many of the world's most prestigious buildings. Heriz Persian rugs are known to have distinctive large-scale designs and a very varied palette of warm colors.

Rugs can often seem intimidating or overwhelming because you never know where to start, but antique Heriz Rugs are the perfect complement for many different kinds of rooms. They are a bold, but very warm and homey addition to any space.

Handwoven with the utmost delicacy and attention to detail by experts, antique Heriz rugs are meant to evoke the colors of the sunset, and their beautiful and thorough design only adds more versatility to the piece.

Here at Magic Rugs, we offer a wide range of designs, so there is sure to be a rug that suits your tastes. You can order online with the security of knowing that we have carefully chosen our suppliers and manufacturers for the highest quality and the most competitive prices. We have earned a reputation for their outstanding products and commitment to service.