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Differences Between a Carpet and a Rug

Carpets and rugs are the most popular floor coverings in the Western world. There are plenty of reasons for their popularity – they're comfortable, warm, long-lasting, easy to install, and have very low maintenance, making them an ideal investment. But what is the difference between carpets and rugs?

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Tips Before Buying a Perfect Rug for Your Home

You should look in different catalogs for all different types of rugs just to see and compare before purchasing one. Please, allow us to tell you what are some of the options you can choose from. And trust us when we say there are plenty:

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8 Easy Ways To Get Rid Of The Worst Rug Stains

Are you worried about that stain on the new rug that you bought for your living room? Not every rug stain is created equally, so the way you remove the stains will not be the same. When it comes to the most difficult stains, we would like to share with you some useful tips so you can deal with the worst of the worst ones.

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Best place to buy affordable area rugs

When you go to stores, they will try and sell you rugs that are too expensive, too large, or too small, the wrong color and style, or even worse, a low-quality product. In this post, you will learn how to find the best rug for your house or office

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What are Oushak rugs?

Oushak is a type of rug that can be found in Turkey and is often used in homes as well as places of worship. It's quite difficult to clean, but it features a long, patterned wool pile and bears traditional Turkish motifs. A modern Oushak rug typically has a thick pile and by no means resembles the original type.

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Types of Handmade Oriental Area Rugs

Oriental rugs are of different types, and these vary regarding their origin, design patterns, colors, and other characteristics. To help you grasp a better understanding of the differences between various oriental rugs, we are sharing with you useful knowledge about some prominent and popular types of handmade Oriental area rugs.

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Hand-knotted Rugs From The Crafts-man To Your Living Room

Hand-knotted rugs are truly the perfect addition to many households, and they have been picked as the favorite go-to piece of decor for many homeowners and interior design experts. But why is this the case? It is true that these rugs are known to be a great investment both for interior decorations and other future employments, such as sales, but there are much more reasons for it: the way they are

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How Big Should My Foyer Rug Be?

Introducing beautiful rugs in the foyer can do the trick as they not only protect the house from dust, dirt, and scratches but improve the house's design and provide it with a definite aesthetic


Decorating with Beautiful Oushak Rugs

Known for their durability and unique patterns, these rugs can also complement any decor style because of their versatility. Choose an oushak rug for a traditional look or textured Tibetan wool to add an eclectic feel to your space.


How to clean an area rug without water

When you own a rug, cleaning it regularly is more than necessary, To maintain your rug in its best shape. This is because cleaning your rug can decrease the amount of dust and dirt in your home, rendering it more habitable and allergy sufferers friendly. 

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Things you should know about persian rugs

If you wonder, "What are Persian rugs?" Let us tell you, among all the Rugs, Persian Rugs are actually Gold! The Hand-knotted Persian rugs are specially imported from Iran, and these good-quality Persian rugs are most difficult to find. You can easily spot Industrially made rugs, but they just cannot match the finishing and beauty of these hand-knotted Persian rugs.


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