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what is a tribal rug?

Are you looking for a piece of decor to give life and personality to your room? Then tribal rugs are what you are looking for. Woven in and brought from many different oriental countries, and carrying within them centuries of history and culture, Tribal rugs are nowadays one of the best ways to compliment any kind of room that needs a pop of color.


Magic Rugs 12 Days Of Christmas - Heris City

Heriz Persian Rugs are one of the few handmade rugs that are constructed by memory! That’s right! Artisans learn this tradition and pass it onto their families. Want another reason? This is a unique style where the weavers tell the story of the old times.


Fall Contest Giveaway WIN $199!

We just love the Fall season and we hope you do, too! So we're giving away $199 in store credit. Use it toward any rug of your choice at www.magicrugs.com!


6 tips to make your bedroom more comfortable

But for everyone else out there with a less-than-ideal room layout, limited square footage, low light entrances, perhaps a bit crowded, untidy, and used for many different purposes, including work, allow us to share some ideas for making your bedroom as comfortable as possible.


8 Best Tips to Place Dining Oriental Rugs

Finding the perfect Oriental rug to place in each room around your house requires thoughtful consideration and care. But you need not worry at all!! We are here to help you out in this regard! There are a couple of things that you need to do first before getting placed the rug in the various rooms of your house.


5 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Bidjar Rugs

One of the best and oldest Iranian rugs, which is also known as the Iron Carpet, is the Bijar rug. This carpet is known as “Gross” among merchants. The Bidjar design was originally weaved for the first time by the Kurdish Khans as a gift for the governmental authorities of the time, and it was very common during the Ghajar period.  


10 Important Tips When Buying Oriental Area Rugs

Today, carpet weaving is by far the most widespread handicraft in Iran, and the rugs that are produced are renowned for their richness of color, variety of spectacular artistic patterns, and quality of design.


How To Get Your Rugs Ready For The Holidays

The holidays are all about family and loved ones. So it makes sense to build annual carpet cleaning into your seasonal routine this time of year. Persian and Oriental rugs can last for generations if cared for properly. So let's take a look at these six steps below.

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Choose The Best Rug Shape For Every Room In Your House

Rugs are indeed the life of our home. They tell a lot about the house's aesthetic and change the room's look to a whole other level with their presence. For that very reason, a great deal of effort and attention is required, while choosing a perfect rug.


Where to place an area rug in the bedroom

There are many different types of rugs and many rug placements that can blend into any style, from antique to contemporary, so you'll easily find the one you're looking for! But where do you start with your area rug? That's what this blog post will help you out with!


What is a good size for a living room rug

The perfect rug is one of the most essential components of the decor in our living room. It's often said that a rug has the power to create or ruin a space. The same is definitely true when it comes to the design of the living room.


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