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Kerman Small Rugs


Kerman Rugs

Kerman rugs are a type of Persian rug made in Kerman, Iran. They have been popular since the Safavid era and are often considered to be among the best Persian rug types.

The distinctive elements of these Kerman Oriental rugs are their colors and the designs they portray. The combination of colors often includes vivid reds mixed with cream and beige colors, and with respect to the pattern or design, it is often a pending medallion in the middle of the piece.

Finding the perfect Kerman Persian rug Rugs can often seem intimidating or overwhelming because you never know where to start, and as they become more and more scarce around the world, the Kerman rug’s value has risen, but a Kerman rug is definitely the perfect complement for many different kinds of rooms.

No matter if you're looking for modern and contemporary rugs or a more traditional Persian rug; no matter what your style preference may be or the size you need for your home or business: Magic Rugs has the perfect rug to suit your needs and if you browse through our very comprehensive catalog, you might find the perfect Kerman rug for sale, made for your space.

Small Rugs

Small 2'X3'-3'X5'

Rugs come in all sizes and shapes, both the size of the room and the surrounding furniture and color combination will determine the choice of the best area rug, small area rugs are preferred for smaller rooms such as a bedroom, office, or living room. Some add texture and coziness to the space while others are solely for decoration purposes.

If you're considering a small area rug, they are available in a variety of styles, shapes, patterns, and colors here at Magic Rug’s comprehensive and curated catalog. You can find small Persian rugs to match that oriental, rather vintage surroundings, or the perfect small black cowhide rug to be that elegant stain your farmhouse-style room needs.

Typically, a small area rug can fit into almost any room by adding color on top of color. For example, gray or blue small kitchen rugs are great stain preventers and provide an additional depth to the kitchen space.

Furthermore, black background with white dots on round small rugs would go nicely in front of your beige sofa or bed for some subtle contrast. There's no limit to what you can do with these amazing pieces of craftsmanship: they're perfect for areas where space is limited or desired texture is necessary.