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Kilim & Sumak

Tribal 4X7 Sumak Persian Rug

$303.31 $303.31

Kilim & Sumak

Kilim & Sumak Rugs

Kilim design rugs are a traditional weaving craft, also known as tapestries or carpets, originating in the mountainous regions of Eastern Turkey, Northern Syria, and North-western Iran. Kilim rugs are made from wool and hemp or cotton by nomadic tribes who live in these mountain ranges. These flat weave wool rugs were often passed down to their children through the generations. The art is passed down from female tribe members to female tribe members. In recent decades they have become more popular with collectors both inside and outside of Asia due to their beauty and uniqueness.

Antique Turkish vintage Kilim & Sumak rugs are both pileless handwoven rugs, which are produced using a flat weaving technique. As they have no piles, they require a lot less labor and materials to be made, and therefore, they come at much lower prices, so you get all the beauty and elegance of a handwoven Oriental rug, for half the price!

The snazzy pattern and rich, intricate design of Kilim rugs make them a luxurious addition to your home decor. They can also be found in a variety of designs with many different refreshing colors. The soft texture of Sumak rugs is made from cotton and jute plant fibers that are handwoven into the carpet. This natural material is as comfortable on bare feet thanks to its silky sheen.

Kilim and Sumak flatweave area rugs are generally easier to take care of than their woven cousins because they have fewer loops that can trap dust and dirt particles, this also works in preventing the buildup of unwanted allergens or bacteria in your home, so these pileless rugs might just be the perfect option for your home.

Here at Magic Rugs, we have curated a collection of the best Kilim & Sumak rugs to decorate your spaces. If you decide to browse through our catalog, you might find some beautiful kilim rugs for sale.

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