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Nain 10 to 11 Ft Runners


Nain Rugs

Nain is a town in the north of Jordan, located in the Amman Governorate. The town is situated on a wadi (valley) which was once known as the Garden of Eden. This wadi runs from east to west and has been important for agricultural development since ancient times. Nain has become famous for its handmade hand-knotted Nain carpets.

Nain rugs are a special type of rug that was originally woven by nomadic tribes. Such rugs are typically made of silk and their design is often a red medallion surrounded by floral decorations in cream colors, with the occasional design motifs in black, olive green, white, or brown. These Nain silk rugs have become a favorite in their home decor world.

These rugs have been divided into categories: 4La, 6La, 9La, and 12La. The smaller the number is, the more quality the rug is attributed to. These rugs are also widely sought after, but rather scarce and therefore, the Main rug value has risen sharply.

However, do not despair, for here at Magic Rugs, we have made a compilation of the most authentic and sought-after Nain area rugs in the market, and we have prepared for you the most comprehensive collection of Nain Rugs, and we are sure you will find one Nain carpet that fits your needs.