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Turkish Rugs

In Turkey, the art of weaving carpets and tapestry is an ancient tradition. The earliest examples of Turkish Rugs date back to the late Middle Ages, but they come in various styles and are generally woven with wool on a vertical loom.

Generally, the Turks were rug weavers for hundreds of years. Today, only a tiny fraction of Turkish rugs are still handmade by local artisans; most are machine-made by industrial looms from India or Pakistan.

Vintage Turkish rugs are generally intricately woven, but modern ones tend to be more dense and durable, and these Turkish rugs designs feature large symmetrical designs or intricate floral designs, While Turkish rugs are generally known for their floral designs, other designs are also commonly known for their weaving, these are less common designs, but equally beautiful; they can feature animals and even calligraphy. Of course, there are also various styles of carpets.

Finding a completely white Turkish rug may be rather hard.  They always have a design to portray.

Old, handmade Turkish rugs were said to be dyed with natural plants, whereas new rugs are dyed with synthetic dyes. There's no conclusive evidence of this; both older and newer rugs can be found using either kind of dye.

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